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AND1 Crossover Moves

AND1 crossover moves or better yet, “Anklebreaker Moves”. These guys know how. Even though they’re more into between the legs passes, clowning others by using such moves as the “The Boomerang”, “The Hypnotizer” and more.

Yeah sure, some ballers like “Hot Sauce” do more crossovers than others but when they do it, they all know how to do them. Because they have what it takes. A successful crossover requires speed and jerky moves.

The head should be used for misleading. It requires some good footwork and above all, it requires practice.

As you can see on this clip, the idea is to get the defender’s legs upset. When he knows that you’re fast and you can blow past him at any time, he’d be alert and react “too much” on every movement.

The first move, of course to the left or right is the fake one. You’re actually going to the opposite direction.

better shooting

It really helps if you know this move. It’s a bonus even if you’re a bigger player and you think you can’t never use this move. Just remember.

If you’re taller, get down low in order to keep the bouncing lower so that you can crossover to the other hand quicker. Guys who are good at it, like Allen Iverson, Dwayne Wade or Kobe Bryant are all guys who’ve worked their tail off. They’re naturals.

They are fast. You should keep practicing and over time you’ll learn it.

Now watch this short clip here to get the idea.

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Dribble the ball thru legs then spin while having the ball go thru ya legs agian then bring it back then throw it off the backboard and go for the dunk …

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