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Dwayne Wade Highlights

Dwayne Wade highlights are some of the most watched on the Internet today.

The reason being is that Dwayne Wade is an all-star NBA player for theMiami Heat and his star just keeps on shining throughout the season and hopefully well-into the playoffs. What theMiami Heat really need from Dwayne Wade is an NBA Championship Trophy, the first of its kind in the City of Miami ever since the Dolphinsand the Hurricanes made some waves way back when.

There is nothing better for a city than to win a National Championship or a World Championship in theprofessional ranks and the City of Miami could use a shot in the arm from Mr. Wade and the Heat.

Some of the best highlights can be seen on ESPN 360 or on TiVo if you are so inclined to own that wonderful stop and play live action advancement. One of the best highlights involving Dwayne Wade comes with 2/10 of a second lefton the clock against the state-rival Orlando Magic with a 30 foot fall-away jumper that is nothing but net, to win the game.

better shooting

Its all-star clutch plays like that to win games that made Dwayne Wade a household name throughout the NBA and the world for that matter. Basketball fans everywhere just love Dwayne Wade and his winning ways as it happens again and again for this amazing player from the Southern Florida region!

There is nothing better than to watch Dwayne Wade control the court and slice in between two aggressive NBA-style defenders and slam the ball home with authority and even win the game at the same time! Any up-and-coming basketball player or team for that matter needs to have a look at some of the best Dwayne Wade highlights since this inspiration will help the strugglingplayer with his game.

The Purdue Boilermakers have benefited from watching wades highlight reels and this has propelled the team to a share of the Big Ten Championships this year!

That’s what Ju Juan Johnson did when he was recruited by the Purdue Boilermakers in 2007 and those highlights really have paid off for the Boilermaker power forward. In 17 games early in the beginning of the season Mr. Johnson showed Dwayne Wade like cutting through defenders towards an easy basket or thunderous dunking action!

better shooting

Dwayne Wade will be the first one to tell anyone that hard work pays off and it really shows as this impressive guard has made his name a household one in the league that is where the professionals play, the NBA.

Dwayne Wade and Dwayne Wade highlights are really fun and great to watch because the player is so explosive and dynamic! Whether it is Mr. Wade hitting a sweet fall away jumper with no time on the clock or Dwayne blocking a shot from some the most talented players of the league such as Kevin Garnet or maybe even Yao Ming, the bigger they are the harder they fall when it comes to Mr. Wade and hold his court in Miami.

It is hard to match the statistics and the energy that Dwayne Wade brings to the National Basketball Association through his antics at the Miami Heatbasketball games. From cleaning the boards in a dominating fashion to softly showing what touch it takes to be an All-Star in the NBA with a sweet jumper, Dwayne Wade is a prototype of what an NBA player needs to be all about.

Dwayne Wade highlights are some of the easiest to access since he’s all over the Internet! All one has to do is type in Dwayne Wade highlights and there you go, over a thousand cool highlights to watch this NBA professional All-Star get down to business.


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