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Junior College Basketball Prospects

Why this page on Junior College Basketball Prospects? Well, the big-time college basketball prospects world has a little brother and this is referred to as a junior college basketball prospects world.

In this world there are basketball players that could easily be starters on some of the most storied programs throughout America. Through a variety of factors for some reason or another many really good high school basketball players decide to go to the JUCO level for scholarships offers.

Smithfield Junior College

The reasons could be as important as grades and conduct or as semi-important as a grandmother raising the child and her only wish before dying was that he went to Smithfield Junior College in the Palatka, Florida. One just never knows about these things unless they are taken on a per player individualized basis.

Junior College Level of Play Gets Better and Better Each and Every Year

The junior college basketball prospects are the ones that have made the human highlight reel for most junior college coaches or recruiters and are how being pursued by a gang of well-intentioned yet very competitive coaches. As the junior college level of play gets better and better each and every year so does the competition for the best players in the junior college prospects level.

Each year many agencies and organizations track the basketball players and level of play of even freshman in high school. While this easily just takes one visit or maybe two in order to take a look at the fundamental skills that the player has it still occurs more often than not.

Best Junior College Basketball Prospects Come from the Deep South

Some of the best junior college prospects come from the Deep South of the country. Traditional basketball States such as Kentucky and North Carolina actually pale in comparison to the amount per player that comes into the junior college basketball ranks from states that are more known for football. Georgia and Florida rate very high in the number of junior college players that receive scholarship offers.

This could be from sheer numbers as there are more junior college athletic scholarships handed out then in Division I and Division II combined. It’s the law of averages that says since there are more junior colleges that are have basketball programs and have seen the benefit of having a type of athlete program for the bottom line of the of the junior college this means that there will be more scholarship offers available.

All the percentages go up the more junior colleges instill or improve upon and are ready to add only great players to their basketball program through recruitment of the top junior college prospects throughout the nation.

Difficulty in Selecting Top 10 of the Junior ProspectsThe junior college prospects for next season are listed below. The difficulty in selecting only the top 10 of the junior prospects for the game of college basketball is that there are so many to select from one must keep this in mind.

What could be somebody’s top 20 on a website somewhere such as ESPN or even high school may be solely different than from USA Today’s Junior College Prospects Recruitment Sheet. This is the beauty of recruiting regardless of the sport as the element of surprise is always a feature of junior college basketball prospects during recruiting.


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