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Basketball Tips and Techniques

Basketball Tips and Techniques? What is all about. Another page for this? Didn’t you already read something like this?:)

Relax, there’s always room for a different perspective. The more information you have the better.

Basketball, like any sport, is an art form difficult to conquer.

Winning and succeeding in the game of basketball arrives through many basketball tips and techniques.

To help further your individual game, I have collected a list of several tips and techniques for novice to advanced basketball players looking to further their game even more.

Basketball Tips and Techniques

Want to improve your game? Start with your ball handling. Ball handling allows you to dribble the ball with ease and avoid it from getting stolen often.

Ball handling is vital, especially if you are shorter than average. Tall players need to occupy the spots down low. If you handle the ball exceptionally, read defenses, and are not a liability on defense – you are destined to play.

Start with these simple dribbling techniques and do them five times a week for ten minutes.

In the football movie, “The Program” the head coach instructs the character played by Omar Epps to carry the football around the campus all week. The coach gives him this odd assignment because Epps is struggling to hold onto the football.

In a crazy way, this also applies to basketball. If you really want to get the feel of a basketball and take care of it, why not bring it with you everywhere you go? You might think I’m crazy for suggesting this but it’s simple. The more you have a ball in your hands the more comfortable you are holding it.

If you walk home from school or from other places, take the ball and dribble all the way home.

Every day if you can, go out on your drive way or street and dribble with your right hand, then your left for five minutes straight. Do everything possible not to lose the ball. But do not look at the ball. Keep your head up and aware of defenders.

After you do basic dribbles try getting two balls and dribbling at the same time with both hands. But do not dribble high. Bend over and do soft dribbles that only go about a foot off the ground. Focus on dribbling both balls equally and at the same height. This drill is perfect for hand-eye coordination.

Struggling with your shot? Are you normally a great shooter but just can’t seem to hit a shot in a game of late? There’s a good chance you are ignoring the “handy” friend you call the follow through.

Following through on a shot means you hold up your shooting arm and follow through with your wrist after flicking the ball into the air. Following through gives an extra “humph” to the ball and is especially important if you tend to shoot the ball short.

Following through is a basic fundamental that a lot of players ignore.

Passing, essentially how good are you at it?

You may think that passing begins and ends with the chest pass. A simple bounce or over the head pass can save you from a situation where the chest pass is due to get stolen by the defense. Bounce passes are especially vital for throwing the ball into tight spaces – like passing the ball into the post.

Try this passing technique. Get a trashcan and point it at a 45 degree angle towards you. Stand five feet away from the trashcan to begin with. Work on chest passes and then bounce passes. Do five of each. For every pass that does not go into the trashcan add 1.

After you are done with the 10 passes, you must run a lap for everyone you missed. Run for punishment and return to passing the ball from 10 feet out. Follow the same 10 pass procedure. Run for punishment. Continue to back up. This is great for fine tuning your passing and getting a little extra conditioning.



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