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Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders

So what about those smoking hot Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders? Just like every other team in the National Basketball Association the LA Lakers have the Lake girls to spur them on to victory each and every home game.

On the West Coast things are fast and full of stars and Hollywood is at the core of everything that is the western half of the United States. With this in mind the Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleader organization also referred to as the Laker Girls put on quite a show during any Los Angeles Lakers home game and certain special appearances throughout the Los Angeles County and all of the California area.

The 2010 Laker Girls consists of the below listed cheerleader/dancers all who are both beautiful and passionate for everything Los Angeles Laker.

2010 Los Angeles Laker Girls

Angel Ashley Bria Brilane Britney Dara Deana Erika D. Erica W. Erin Heather Jennifer Jensen Jessica Katie Michelle Octavia Raquel Michelle Suzanne Veronica.

That’s the team members of the Los Angeles Laker Girls and they are quite a fantastic troupe to hear and see while visiting the Los Angeles Lakers against any of the fine National Basketball Association teams they do battle with each and every season. While it is easy to speak about the Los Angeles Lakers girls it is their unseen passion and energy that is not so visible unless you see them in action.

The enthusiastic and soulful renditions of modern and classical tunes lend cheer and goodwill to the sporting event.

Sophisticated yet Professional Atmosphere

Unlike the Celtic Dance Team and the other Eastern Conference cheerleading squads the Laker Girls embody more of a sophisticated yet professional atmosphere in their dance routines and cheers.

The Laker Girls never forget they are cheerleaders for the Los Angeles Lakers yet they have their own set of different personalities and identities and keep that very close to their hearts.

Being beautiful and athletic women who just happen to have the correct synergistic qualities that all cheerleaders and dancers require makes them truly a sight to behold.

Heavenly Bodies

The women and girls or whatever they prefer to be addressed as are one of the best and most choreographed entertainment values around and not just for us guys. That may have been what most if not all pre-pubescent young men dreamed about growing up but the dance troupes of today are so much more than heavenly bodies to fall in love with.

The twist and moves are so carefully choreographed it seems incredible that they can even do the stunts and cheers and dance numbers so easily!

Laker Girl on the Internet

If you would like to visit the website for the Laker Girls that is so easy as well! Log onto and then be prepared to be amazed. There are so many activities and self-help pages listed on the site it seems as if it is a health and nutrition listing with beautiful women!

You can even vote for the favorite Laker Girl on the site as well as do an unlimited number of healthy activities including exercises that the Lakers and the Laker Girls practice and train with all the time. Each Laker Girl has their very own page so that if you have a particular favorite cheerleader then you can log onto her personal web listing to read all about her!

The girls work very hard and as everyone knows by now or should know they are not paid for any of their work. The pay seems to be the notoriety factor especially for being in LA and all that jazz. Hollywood is not free and Hollywood definitely has a few beautiful women so the competition to stand out must be fierce.


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