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Basketball Motivation – the way it should be

Zig Ziglar, the motivational guru says that motivation is not permanent. (Not even basketball motivation:). But so is not bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily. we all need someone to push us forward, to remind us that we can always do better.

For me, I get motivated when I:

1.) Have a small talk with my friends and usually they point out that something can’t be done.

2.) Listen to some songs that literally get my blood flow going like crazy.

3.) Watch a good movie (especially a basketball movie).

You may be motivated only when 20000 people yell “DEEEEFENSE” or the sweetest word for you, your name.

But you may be a basketball player who’s only happy when he is progressing. You don’t need no basketball motivation. Who’s getting better and better, day by day.

It’s in your identity to outwork every better player out there who thinks he’s gonna end up being a better player then you. You always know that by outworking them you’re outperforming him.

You can outperform just about everyone if you set your mind to it.

Damn it, you even burn whole in your shoes. That’s how hard you’re practicing. You challenge every shot the other guy takes. Everytime your man tries to get past you, you always turn it up a defensive notch and let him know he CAN’t get past you. You go to bed thinking how much you LOVE this game!

Talent, is something you believe in. Not everyone can be as fast as Tony Parker and as strong as Shaquille O’neal. You work on your talent. Nurture it.

Because he who uses what he has, will eventually be given more. You play with your mind, but you also play with your heart. Players who haven’t played with their heart are no match for your combination of skills and determination.

Unlike most people, when you read about a new drill/idea/tip, you go out there, whether it’s raining or snowing and you try it. You take action. (in fact that’s why I put this page about basketball motivation)

You think long term because you know that all great players think long term. Let me interrupt here by asking you something. Do you think that a big muscle that is gained within 2 weeks is going to stay for good? If you think so, you’re kidding yourself. Everything that is gained quickly is eventually, lost quickly.

Here is something you can try if you can. Put on ankle weights. Assuming you are warmed up, do 20 “knee tuck jumps”. Jump as high as you can by bringing your knees to your chest. As soon as you touch the ground, blast off again. Do this 20 times. Now, let me make a point here. This is extremely hard.

It’s best if you’ve done enough regular “knee tuck jumps” (without weights). And not only for a day or so, but work on them for 2-3 weeks. Only, and only then, can you try to do them with ankle weights. Another thing is that a lot of people claim that you can get “water on the knee”.

I’ve practiced with weights (like I described) for 2-3 months and I didn’t get water on my knee. However, please be reminded that, you’re doing this at your own risk.

I’ve probably turned this explanation quite serious which it can be if you haven’t worked on similar exercises like these. If you are a guy, who works hard, virtually every day, you shouldn’t have a problem with this.

Okay, now that we have that cleared, let me make another point. Before doing 20 reps with ankle weights, try to jump as high as you can and see if you can notice the highest spot that you can reach with your head. Got it? Warm up in advance, and just take the highest leap you’ve taken and see how high you’ve jumped.

Or hell, even better, have someone measure your leap. Great. NOW, do those 20 reps WITH the ankle weights. You did them? Cool! Take the weights off. Rest for 30 seconds and jump. Notice the difference of how higher you can jump. I guarantee. I double guarantee it man, you’ll be amazed if you haven’t tried this one.

But, the sad news is, whatever is quickly gained… is quickly lost. So you’ll only “have” that vertical leap for some time. In order to keep it though, you have to practice on regular basis. It’s best if you can consult with your doctor about the “water on the knee issue” I brought up.

Keep it up my friend..

P.S. Send this page to someone who can use some basketball motivation. He’ll thank you for that.



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