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101 Basketball Tips

101 basketball tips: Your dedication to achieve perfection. Basketball is undoubtedly one of the most athletic and fastest games in the world and becoming a good basketball player requires more than ordinary skills & talents.

Even constant practice may not lead you to your desired place and position. We have listed 101 basketball tips for those that want to expand their knowledge off the game and improve their skills.

It’s always nice to discuss your favorite sport with some other people that know a lot about the game in order for you to learn a thing or two. It’s like watching some NBA matches and picking up some moves that you can use in your own games.

We have created a list of 101 basketball tips that are useful for the average players. Even though you might be familiar with some of these tips, you will surely find some that can help you develop your skills. Below we have made a small start on some aspects of basketball.

Basketball: Homogeneous mixture of feet and handwork

As most of you ‘b-ballers’ know, basketball is a combination of feet and handwork. In order to improve your game you should be able to efficiently handle the ball with your hands, while strong footwork is important to be able to play both great offense and defense.

As basketball is a game of scoring more and more, players should learn to handle the ball effectively. Passing, catching, shooting, dribbling, fake shots etc are all really simple, almost everybody can do it.

To perform these actions in the best possible way though, the needed experience, practice and knowledge about the game and the particular movements is needed. We can’t give you practice but we can send you into the field with some extra knowledge and material where you can work on. That’s why we have made 101 basketball tips.

Walking and running back and forth over the basketball court is quite simple, doing this while dribbling a basketball is still quite doable, getting near the 3 point line of the opponents basket can be quite simple as well if no real pressure is given, but what then. You probably got a defending player that is making it hard for you to go for a shot, and blocking your way to the bucket by simply standing in front of you.

Passing the ball to a nearby team player is usually the solution until one of your team members gets the chance to shake off his opponent and take action.

In order to accomplish this, great footwork and movement are needed. It’s also an art to set aside an opponent, making a way to the basket or being able to shoot afterwards without committing a foul.

Besides the technical issues there are also other important factors that decide if a basketball player is average or has potential to become one of the better players in his team, friend group, or join a better team, even a professional one. One of these aspects is your physical status.

Height can be quite important in the game of basketball but even if you’re not tall there are others things you can work on. In example endurance, strength etc. can be trained. Then there is the nutrition and routine one can work on to make sure that his body can keep up with the will of becoming a better player. Our 101 basketball tips will not only cover basketball tips but also different aspects of becoming a great athlete.


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