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AND1 Moves From The AND1 Players

The players from the mixtapes who do those cool AND1 moves have always been fascinating me. I’ve been wondering for a very long time, why don’t they play in the NBA.

I mean, they’re fast, have freakish jumping ability. Their skills are unmatched. But they still don’t end up in the NBA for many reasons like (I understood this later)

They don’t play defence; they dribble too much; they don’t take the rules so seriously; don’t pass the ball as much and so on.

I remember watching “hot sauce” do some smooth moves and then go out and try to do them on someone. I say “I remember” because I was watching the mixtapes a lot more than I do now.
The mixtapes are the reason why I bought these and1 pants and out of 365 days in the year, I probably wear them about 300 days.

Okay, enough about me, let’s start talking how *YOU* can benefit from these moves.

First of all, as you probably know, the games that are played in the AND1 mixtapes differ greatly from the NBA games.

They don’t have that much of a teamwork, it’s not that serious, players can act cool and be creative as much as they like without a coach gluing them to the bench. It’s all about being creative.

better shooting

So, I guess my point is that you should be the one to decide what moves you can afford to try to do in a game. But heck, you can mess around with your friends with all of these moves, right?

Let’s get the show on the road..

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