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Mental Toughness In Basketball

To win you must have talent and skill, but in case you or your team does not have the superstar to help you reach the next plateau you can resort to your inner toughness your mental strength to get you and your team to that next level.

This is yours, no one can take away that mental toughness because it comes from within and the tougher you are, the farther you will go. The superstars are known for their talent, but they all also have something far and above the “average” player. Their mental toughness sets them above the rest puts them apart from others, makes them the superstars they are. The following tips or reminders will help you get that mental toughness keep it and reach levels you may have thought were unattainable.

Always believe in yourself. Always think you can do it. The moment you think you cannot, you will not. For example when you step up to the line for a crucial free throw, think it will go in and you will have a better chance than you may thinkAlways try and improve everyday. The best thing you can do is consciously try and improve physically and mentally each and every day. Look for better players and compete against them. Study the game and read about the best there were and what set them apart. Learn something new daily.

Always play your best. Never let down your guard. If your opponents are less talented, belief they are better than you. Strive to always play to your best no matter against who you play whether they are more talented or not.

Confidence is important is any other aspect of your character and might possibly be the most important. If you are a shooter you need to believe it will always go in, if you are a defender you need to belief you can stop your opponent each time down the court. Remember on the court there is never too much confidence you can have, always believe.

Always think through things before the game and even during the game. Play everything through your mind as if you were actually doing it. Repetition of the basics like going through your shot, or boxing out or rebounding will help your brain to be ready when the actual time comes to do these things.

It is good to be nervous before the start of the game, because it “grounds” you or it keeps you in touch with what is at hand. BUT never be never once the ball is tossed at center court to start the game. Being nervous goes hand in hand with what we mentioned before, confidence.

If you lack confidence you may be nervous and not get things done the way you should. Always believe you belong, always feel you are as good if not better than your opponent and always have a good attitude. Believe in yourself and your capabilities.
Always remember when you play well and why you did. Repetition of the things you perform well helps you to maintain that form going forward. Routines are important, especially the ones that got you to where you want to be, the next level or the top of the heap. Never let yourself get out of those routines that got you where you wanted to be.


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