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Fun Basketball Games

Playing these fun basketball games and get better while having fun. The difference between working and having fun it’s all in our perception. How we perceive the activity and the purpose it serves us makes all the difference.

Play while learning is a great concept introduced by variety of industries. The parents tend to buy their kids educational toys so they indirectly and subconsiously love learning. It’s the same principle here.

Even for us. If there is a challenge, or we just want to have fun, or to prove someone we can be better at them, or impress someone who’s watching, we’d enjoy playing and getting better at the game of basketball.

These basketball games here, involve creativity, shooting, mental training and more.

All of them require at least two players so if you’re that lonely and your parents hate you, forget about this:)

Just kidding, this is supposed to be fun. No more coaches yelling at you to do the boring drill. Geez, I really hated that.

But I love having fun, and you should too.

Let’s get started with one creative and fun shooting game, called H.O.R.S.E. You probably know this one but click the following link for a refresher..

How To Play H.O.R.S.E

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Submitted Games:

1.) Emily from United States:

Around the world in 10 baskets

“First you have to have a basket ball hoop, then you take some chalk and make a big horse shoe, then draw 10 circles in different places then you number them from 1-10 the go in order and which ever number your on you have that many trys to shoot a basket. 2-6 players.”

Darian from the United States:


My game is taps. It helps you learn how to have teamwork and pass quickly. What you do is you get a basketball and a group of friends. You have to pass the ball between your friends without letting it touch the ground. The trick is when you catch the ball you have to be up in the air and pass it before you get back down. You keep on playing til someone catches the ball with there feet on the floor, drops the ball, or is the last person to touch it when it falls.

2.) Lockdown by Julian, Chris, and Josh from United States


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