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Dwayne Wade Dunks

Whenever you want to see some great NBA excitement there is no need to go father than Dwayne Wade dunks for that endeavor.

Dwayne Wade has been exciting and thrilling NBA fans the world over with thunderous and authoritative dunks and during the 2009-2010 NBA year this is no different. With the Miami Heat battling for a position in the playoffs, Wade keeps on lighten-up the scoreboard with triple doubles and some of the best dunking action in the entire NBA!

While it is important to see some of the greatest plays of the NBA from the most exciting players live and in person, sometimes that just is not economically-feasible or geographically prudent!

better shooting

This guy is not very tall standing at a superior 6’6” Dwayne Wade dominates the key with his explosive jumping ability that makes mincemeat out of other smaller power forwards in the league.

Mr. Wade has taken the Miami Heat on his shoulders and continues to march through the NBA schedule just like it was butter with a knife. Just why is it that the Miami Heat does so well when Dwayne Wade is in the line-up and so bad when he is not? This is a question that revolves around the supporting cast for Dwayne Wade while playing with the Miami Heat.

better shooting

What is great about Dwayne Wade dunks can be found in his ability to rise above the rest and how quickly he does this a swell!

There are not too many NBA players with the caliber of Wade and when he really wants to get up and throw the ball down he does it with both style and grace. This perennial All-Star power forward has some of the greatest dunks ever seen in the history of the NBA highlight reel.

To say that his dunks the ball as well as any player in the NBA today and maybe in the past 20 years puts him right up there with the likes of Michael Jordan and Dr. J!

The propensity of dunking in the NBA only gets better when one is watching Dwayne Wade dunks as his are some of the best in the league.

The reason for this is that Mr. Wade puts passion and spirit into every drive to the basket and nine times out of 10 those dunks are worthy of a terrific scoring average if it was being scored on in a dunking contest.

With his dramatic battles with teams such as the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, to the winning ways that have set himself apart from all the rest of the NBA All-Stars, Wade is a man among boys when it comes to power-dunking! Add to his amazing ability to leap comes the fact that with his style and charisma Wade is destined to be an NBA Hall of Famer when it is all said and done.

If you have not seen any of his dunks on the television set you need to go ahead and either fly to Miami right away and catch a live home Heat game or less-expensively, just log onto YouTube and type in Dwayne Wade Dunks and prepare oneself for some serious balling action.

Whenever any young players gets to see Dwayne Wade dunks on video on the Internet there seems to be a feeling of going out and grabbing the next pair of great basketball shoes.

This is the marketing concept behind all star performers in the NBA when they promote any shoe. For dunking purposes it is best that the initials DW be finely- imprinted on it.



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