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The World Of NBA

The NBA is like a special world to me. I dunno about you but I’m sure for many people the NBA is more than just a three-letter word. It’s a cult. A very special community that we like to identify ourselves with.

Growing up, I was in LOVE with game and in LOVE with the NBA. All the legends. Watching the games from home, watching NBA action, Michael Jordan, the playoffs, the ALL STAR, everything.

I mean, it’s almost as if you can have all these worries running through your head and just the thought that tonight you gonna watch this exciting game is going to change your state of mind. Instantly. That’s how it was like for me.

Maaan, what an exciting place it is. David Stern. I don’t about him and what exactly he does but I’m sure the league is in good hands because he obviously knows what he’s doing.

All the people that have contributed in any way to develop this special world of entertainment and a way of life. That’s what really basketball is for so many of us. A way of life.

Chance to express ourselves. Chance to prove something and to be in the moment.

I might’ve brought a little “new-age” approach in my writing style but the point is that basketball really means a lot to me. It will be always my favorite sport. And since you ended up on this page, I have no doubt, it’s the same for you.

Here are the NBA teams…

LA Lakers
Chicago Bulls
Denver Nuggets
Houston Rockets
New Jersey Nets
Boston Celtics
Dallas Mavericks
Detroit Pistons
Utah Jazz
Oklahoma City Thunder
Miami Heat
New Orleans Hornets
Charlotte Bobcats
Minnesota Timberwolves
Orlando Magic
The Los Angeles Clippers
Atlanta Hawks
New York Knicks
Sacramento Kings
Chicago Bulls
Indiana Pacers
San Antonio Spurs
Toronto Raptors
Milwaukee Bucks
Philadelphia 76ers
Cleveland Cavaliers

And if it wasn’t for the NBA, just like me, I’m confident, for many players across the globe, the game of basketball wouldn’t have been what it is today.

Of course, I mean, with so many masters, artists if you will, you can’t really resist not a enjoy it. It amazing.

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