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As a basketball coach, you should be all about discipline. No wait, you already know that. You’ve heard of it all.

You’ve been into basketball your whole life and you think what can I learn more.

If you’re in that mindset you’re in trouble.

Hopefully you’re not because basketball coach means constantly pushing yourself and your players to the next levels.

By pushing yourself you’re expression your ever-evolving character into your students. Because that’s what they really are.

Michael Jordan was committed to never stop improving. No matter how great he was, he was always getting back to fundamentals. Working hard.

No excuses. Taking names, working his tail off every single day in the trenches.

You must realize your unique position in your basketball team. Without you, there will be no one to lead your players on the right path. Within the team, of course there can be a leader but without you, without your presence, there should be a void, wanting to be filled with discipline, guidance, motivation and hard working ethics.

better shooting

You as a mentor, should study the great coaches. Absorb their quotes. Search for them because they’re based on life long experience. The fact that some of them are so alive today means that they really are pearls of wisdom.

Coaches like John Wooden, Phil Jackson, Red Auerbach, Pat Riley, Mike Krzyzewski and many many more college and NBA basketball coaches should lead you by example. Model their behavior. What are they doing under pressure? How they handle it? Is there a secret or it’s all based on experience.

In these pages, I don’t offer you countless drills you can try in the gym, although there are some, but mainly there’s a simple philosophy about what it takes to be a real basketball coach. A lifelong student of basketball and life.

Throughout these pages you’ll hear talk about some principles again and again and I may sound repetitive but that’s because I think they are crucial in the game of basketball.

Here you go…

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