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Fundamental Basketball Drills

So why this article on fundamental basketball drills? Well, the best method for learning all the right moves in the game of basketball is to first master the art of fundamental basketball drills and know them like the back of the hand.

Only you can decide the level you want to play at, and no one can take this away from you, regardless of what the trash-talking is attempting to tell you otherwise.

Mental toughness and alertness is what sets apart great players from good players. In a tough, clutch situation, the ballers with “nerves of steel” are the best performers, time and time again. Recall those sweet buzzer-beating in the face of three-defenders from 30 feet game winners?

The excellence that it takes to not only set the play up but to be able to deftly execute the scoring opportunity and win the game is incredible!
Relative Motion

Along with all of the individual fundamentals, players need to understand the concept of “relative motion”. The positioning of the body to the other players is what makes this concept so interesting.

Relative Motion can best be described as realizing how one player fits into the space on the floor, given the “relative” positioning of the other players, both offense and defense. A player with this basic but essential mental clarity and understanding will know how to move to get open, create proper spacing, passing angles, play good on ball defense, and creates the game-winning shot!

Dribbling and Positioning

The basic fundamental basketball drills that are to be learned first involve dribbling and positioning of the body. While there are many ways in which to accomplish this feat it is easy to become side-tracked and fall off the wagon so to speak. Make sure that you are solid in the understanding of exactly what this is all about before moving on to bigger and better things in the game of basketball.

Effortless Homeless Flowing Motion

When you can move with and without the ball and do so in an effortless homeless flowing motion, the fundamental basketball drills will then seem very clear as to why you practiced them night after night.

The basics of basketball all point to effective ball management and how well you can score and defend your basket. Recall that when you are on defense the basket by my new is consider your basket and you do not want the other player’s balls in your basket, ever.

Move Forward in both Growth and Development

After you have dominated the fundamental basketball drills such as the figure 8 dribbling and layup drills it is time to move forward in both growth and development. Look at your game very closely and see what the weaker points are in relation to your strengths.

For instance if you have a solid 20 to 25 foot long-range jumper that you have been working on ever since you were nine years old and you feel very confident every time you shoot this shot that it will have a great chance of going in then there is no reason to work on this anymore except every now and then.

You have mastered that play even if it is just a set shot it is still something that is very beneficial to any organized game of basketball and it is now time to move on to bigger and larger activities in the game of basketball.

Drive Predominantly to the Left or to the Right

Many players drive predominantly to the left or to the right. Most left-handed dribblers will find it far easier to move to the left since basic physics tell us that the side that the ball is on will be the side of least resistance.

You must also practice a fair and equitable amount of practice time forcing yourself to drive to the right using only your right hand as they dribbling tool. Trust me on this you do not want to bring only half again to the court.


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