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Free Basketball Shooting Tips

If you are well acquainted with this sport, you might very well know that shooting is like the spinal cord of this game. If you do not know how to shoot proper it is about time to learn some details and we can provide you with some free basketball shooting tips that will help you out.

After all, points are the most important factor in this game. Shooting is not just about aiming for the basket and throwing the ball at it.

It requires specific techniques and a hell lot of practice. Well, here we have some shooting tips to help you become that ace shooter and star of your team.

However, before going through these shooting tips, you should know that being a good basketball player, requires an immense amount of dedication. You need to be physically & mentally sound and prepared.

Along with being an ace shooter, you need to have enough stamina to endure this physically demanding game, learn to dribble the ball like a natural and after sprinting back and forth across the court and then still be able to make a proper shot.

Also this takes practice and a good shape is needed to make good shots under these circumstances.

The following 10 shooting tips will give you a head start next time you go out on the field to practice.

#1 of our shooting tips: Put your foot that is opposite from your shooting hand a bit more forward compared to your other foot.

#2 of our shooting tips: Stay focused on the rim. Keep your eyes on your target and aim on the front of the rim.

#3 of our shooting tips: Your shoulders should be square towards the basket, and you knees should be bend while taking the shot.

#4 of our shooting tips: Position the ball on your fingertips instead of in the palm of your hands.

#5 of our free basketball shooting tips: Your second hand shouldn’t do anything except guiding the ball.

#6 of our free basketball shooting tips: Try to create a backspin which will make your shots more effective. You do this by extending your elbow and snapping your wrist once you release the ball.

#7 of our free basketball shooting tips: Shoot with a medium arch, don’t shoot to straight but also don’t shoot with too much of a curve since it can cause the ball to jump of the ring.

#8 of our free basketball shooting tips: Your legs should be your source of power for the shot while your shot hand is just there for giving your shot direction and your ‘offhand’ is there to give minor assistance.

#9 of our free basketball shooting tips: Develop and practice your shots in a same way during practice as you would use them in a real game.

#10 of our free basketball shooting tips: Develop a proper speed of your shot even while practicing, if you only train slow shots and try the same in a game there is always the chance to become blocked.

We hope that these basic and free shooting tips can help you develop your shooting skills because shooting is the most important aspect of the game, besides of course having a good time on the field.

You can be the best dribbler, have a great condition and strength, strip balls etc but if you’re shot isn’t good, you will never be a great player. The key to become a great shooter is practice. Build up your confidence and try to take shots in the same way over and over.

Start with shots from close by the rim when you practice alone or with a friend, warm up, build up your confident and after every 10-15 shots or so you can step back a few feet, slowly enlarging the distance between your shots.


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