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Pump Up Basketball Songs

What are your favourite basketball songs? I can’t explain the feeling but when me and my friends were dunking all day on my back yard basket and we play some pump up song, it was like a boost of energy in my body.

It’s nothing weird. I mean, so many bodybuilders have their earphones on when they work out and so many basketball players are looking for their favourite “pump up” songs. They are very different of course but nonetheless, here I’ll share some of the ones I enjoy listening to.

I’ll also tell you how to effectively search the internet to find songs that will get your blood flow going and put you in a rhythm so you won’t think of stopping when practicing, playing basketball, spend some time in the gym or wherever. Not just find them but download them legally for FREE.

If you can find at least one song in my list that you like enough so that you can “pump yourself up”, I can say that I did my job well here:)

Nickelback – Rockstar

Caesars – Jerk It Out

Lou – Bega – Trumpet Part 2

Bob Sinclair – Rock This Party

Papa Roach – Last Resort

La Bouche – Be My Lover

Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day

Here’s how to find these, or any other songs you want and more importantly, download them. Just 4 steps. It’s so simple.

Step 1.) Go to and search something like “top 10 pump up songs” or any particular song you want (if you know already)

Step 2.) Once you find the video clip, click on it to open it and copy the link in the address bar like this…

Step 3.) Go to and paste the link you copied from in the field like this…

…and click the download button. You’ll notice 2 download links. You can either download low quality and high quality video. Download the “high quality” one for better sound (sometimes they only have low quality for particular videos).

Step 4.) Download this free program (to convert the video file to audio file) and install it. After you install it, open it. Add that “video” file you downloaded from and press the “start” button to convert it.

That’s it. You’re ready to listen to some pump up music:)


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