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Basketball Rebounding Skills

You improve your basketball skills only by continuous practice. Apart from basketball rebounding skills, you need to practice shooting, running, dribbling and free throws.

A rebound is when you get possession of the ball after a field goal or a free throw. Once a player misses a shot, the ball bounces or rebounds back into play. The player who can get to that rebound gets the ball first and, with it, another chance to try and score.

Improving basketball rebounding skills

Qualities common to great rebounders include agility, endurance, speed and strength. Players who are taller have an obvious advantage when it comes to getting the rebound. However, with a high degree of motivation, and corresponding practice, even shorter players can improve their skills at rebounding.

An important strategy to grabbing a rebound is to be in the right place at the right time. Hence, by studying and practicing positioning, you have a better chance of getting the rebound when a shot is missed.

Another quality of a great rebounder is to always expect the shooter to miss. If you wait to see whether the shooter has actually missed, you will not be able to get a position.

You can use the reverse pivot to block out your opponent. Suppose, your back is to the hoop. When an opposing player shoots, you pivot on one foot. Suppose you are using your left foot as the pivot foot.

As the shot goes up, pivot on your left foot and swing your right leg across your body so you now face the basket. A single step enables you to cover a lot of space as you can move to either side of the court. Since your body is now between the opponent and the ball, you are in a great position to rebound.

To improve basketball rebounding skills, you need to work out your leg muscles. This will enable you to jump higher. Regardless of height, whoever jumps the highest has the best chance of getting the rebound. It is important to be a keen observer of the ball. Watch the movement of the ball after a missed shot. This will help you to make good prediction of where the ball is likely to go and hence better chance of intercepting it.

Rebounding is one way to get the ball whether you are in offense or defense. Hence, ideally, the rebounding skills must be developed by every player on the court.

The offensive team uses rebounding skills to maintain possession of the ball giving them another chance to score. At the defensive end, these skills help to gain possession of the ball.



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