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New York Knicks History

Wanna learn more about the New York Knicks history?

The storied franchise that is the New York Knickerbockers is worthy of a plethora of books and has been the topic of so many libraries of books that it is hard to add anything to that power of literary facts.

We will try with a brief review on the New York Knicks history and hopefully will shed some light on one of the greatest NBA franchises of all time the New York Knickerbockers.

Patrick Ewing and Walt Frazier Hall of Famers

Originally created in 1946 as the New York Knickerbockers, this New York-based team has seen some of the greatest players of all time including Isaiah Thomas and Bill Bradley along with Patrick Ewing and Walt Frazier. Here is a short list on the 19 Hall of Famers that currently exist in the Nick organization.


• Walt Bellamy
• Bill Bradley
• Hubie Brown Coach
• Larry Brown coach
• Dave DeBuscher
• Patrick Ewing
• Walt Frazier
• Hairy Gallatin
• Tom Gola
• Red Holzman Coach
• Joe Lapchick Coach
• Jerry Lucas
• Slater Martin
• Bob Macado
• Dick McGuire
• Earl Monroe
• Willis Reed
• Patrick Reilly Coach
• Lenny Wilkens Coach

That’s the 19 Hall of Famers and they are all deserving players and coaches and would have made the Hall of Fame on any team easily. By being firmly implanted in one the greatest cities of the world New York City these players had to rise above normal conditions of both marketing and media NBA players.

There is a different deal in the City of New York than there is in Milwaukee. More pressure and more eyes on every single action and players both on and off the court may order a rough existence as a New York Knickerbocker.

Being a professional and National Basketball Association player is not all fire and brimstone as we know this is just to say that the City of New York offers more challenges that are found in other NBA metropolitan areas.

Won NBA Finals Twice: 1970 and 1973

The New York Knicks have won the NBA Finals twice. 1970 and 1973 are the two years in which those New York Knicks teams now have World Championship rings adorning their fingers, twice.

Those teams in the early 1970’s had strength, character, athletic ability and heart. Name such as Walt Frazier and Jerry Lucas along with Earl The Pearl Monroe (part of the famed Ernie and Bernie Show) and Big Willis Reed reverberate through professional basketball fans heads long after they stop playing the game of basketball.

New York Knicks Dismiss Isaiah Thomas

How close have the New York Knicks come to winning it all in the NBA during the modern era? The answer to that question has to be the 2003 season. The New York Knicks started out winning only three of their first nine games as the fans at the Garden started to chant ‘Fire Layden’ and obvious reference to General Manager Scott Layden.

Knickerbocker fans would definitely get their wish on December 2 when Layden was fired and replaced by the all-everything now retired Detroit Piston and head coach Isaiah Thomas. Isaiah Thomas was supposed to have given the New York Knicks a shot in the arm that they needed in order to not only make it to the playoffs but attain their third NBA Championship.

That day never came as in 2008 Isaiah Thomas General Manager of the New York Knicks was dismissed and given a job in the organization where he had no say in player development, personnel and no office until the end of his undisclosed multimillion dollar multi-year deal.

Dismal Outlook for Knicks Fans 2010 Beyond

What’s in store for the New York Knicks in 2010 and beyond? The 2010 season ended with out the New York Knicks making the playoffs for the seventh straight year. If things do not turn around and turn around quickly 2011 and beyond may look just as dismal and lackluster as the prior decade.


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