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Basketball Officiating Camps

Why on earth would you need an article on basketball officiating camps? For those that would like to get involved with officiating it is very beneficial to enroll in a basketball officiating camps program.

These programs are actually mini-schools that teach the student everything there is to know in the aspect of officiating basketball games. It does not matter if the goal is to be a NBA professional referee or to help out the children during their school basketball games on the weekends.

The rules of basketball are the same regardless of what level of play or what region of the country or the world for that matter the officiating will occur. These officiating camps are great to learn about and practice.

North American Officiating Camps Are Very Popular

In order to really become an officially licensed referee in the United States one will have to complete an exam that includes a 15 to 30 minute run through on its core cast of random violations and other rules of the basketball game.

In this method the instructors will see exactly where you stand on calling not only the right call but what they were to in the officiating business as the legal call. Referees speak a different language than the rest of us.

There language is divided into legal calls and judgment calls. The legal calls are the calls that are found in the official Referee Book of North American Basketball. These calls are listed below and are only a fraction of what an umpire or a referee may call during the course of a basketball game.

Legal Calls

• Traveling
• Double Dribble
• Carrying
• Palming
• Personal Foul
• Flagrant Foul
• Technical Foul

Judgment Calls

• Any Personal Foul During the Course Of an Active Play
• Traveling, Double Dribble

That is just a short list of the two types of calls that umpires and referees are most likely to make a position on during the course of a basketball game.

While there are lane violations and also many inbound slaves acting lead to violations these are minimal and the ones listed above are the most common and numerous during the game.

By enrolling in a great basketball officiating camps program you will find that these rules will become second nature and since there are only a limited number of violations and types of fouls the rest of the umpires and referees job is clock management and knowledge and accepting and giving timeout request. An official also keeps control of the flow of the game and also can add time or take time off the official game clock.

Referees and Umpires get a Bad Rap

Understanding the game of basketball is important and this is where any time spent in a officiating camps program will benefit that goal. Referees and umpires get a bad rap as they are called different names such as the zebra and four-eyes even though the referee or umpire does not wear glasses.

What is important about being a referee in the game of basketball is call quality and non-judge mental side taking. In other words always be fair and blind as a bat.

AOR is Located in New York City

Every State in the continental United States offers some form or the other of an official officiating camps program that is accepted by the Association of Referees (AOR).

The most popular state for basketball officiating camps is the State of New York. This may be because the head office for AOR is located in New York City or that there are just so many individuals that play sports and especially basketball in the State of New York that that need for quality and well trained referees makes basketball officiating camps very popular.



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