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Nate Robinson Blocks Yao Ming

Nate Robinson blocks Yao Ming? Are you kidding me? Being able to see a shorter NBA player block a taller NBA player is something that never gets old or tiresome.

Such is the case when Nate Robinson blocks Yao Ming in November 20, 2006! The game was the New York Knicks versus the Houston Rockets and it will go down as one of the greatest blocks ever in the history of televised sports.

The type of athletic ability that it takes to soar up as high as one has to do to even touch the top of mind’s head is amazing! If you have ever seen athletic ability in motion then you have seen this dynamic block by Robinson of Yao Ming!

Nate Robinson is one of the most dynamic and versatile players in all the NBA. After winning the 2009 Slam-Dunk Championship at a whopping and towering height of 5’9” it is easy to see how much effort and skill it took for this little man to block giant Yao’s shot.

Although the layup attempt by Yao of the Houston Rockets was relatively weak at best it is still testament to the soaring ability of the dynamite little package that is Nate Robinson. The ability to climb to that level and even attempt to block that shot, or any shot, makes this one of the most-watched and dreamed about blocks of all time!

What Nate Robinson did by blocking a shot of Yao Ming’s was give basketball players from all levels a shot in the arm and inspiration that is required to succeed in the game of basketball and life as well. The New York Knickerbockers and the Houston Rockets have always had climactic, powerful struggles and this year’s game was no different.

Although the Houston Rockets hung-on and beat the New York Knicks on November 20, 2006 it was not because of a lack of effort from Nate Robinson.

This talented point guard is an NBA All-Star and the reason being is that he is as quick as greased-lightning and could jump out of the gym or auditorium, even at a diminutive height of 5’9”. What’s great about the block shot heard round the world is what some people in the NBA and the fan base in general are calling the Robinson Ming blocked shot. Impossible and improbable!

The reverberations that block shot created through the world of basketball shook the foundation of basketball in a way that has not been happened ever since little Spud Webb put Patrick Ewing’s shot 17 bleachers up while in a game in New Orleans! It was the manner in which Nate Robinson blocked Yao Ming’s shot that sent fans everywhere screaming all the while going insane!

Whenever anyone sees that video their jaw drops immediately as immediate as that shot by Yao Ming that went into the stands. The bottom-line with any small player blocking any larger player’s shot is that it doesn’t happen every day especially in the professional ranks of the NBA.

Tallness and height are prerequisites for success normally in the NBA and this makes that blocked shot that much sweeter for the little guy.

When Nate Robinson blocks Yao Ming’s shot it is immediately sent to the Internet and is one of the most highly-watched and most-popular sports video clips on YouTube. The ease in which Nate Robinson timed his jump perfectly at the precise pinnacle of his leap and was able to grab a hold of that towering shot and send that rock well-into the stands was poetry in motion. When will we ever see this happen again?

That’s a question that cannot be answered until a another overconfident over 7 foot tall NBA center decides that anyone under 6 foot six has no chance in blocking their shot. Robinson reaffirmed their commitment that every tall big man in the NBA needs to have especially when bringing some week layup into the lane against a professional basketball player, is confidence can sometimes bite one on the rear!


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