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Houston Rockets Power Dancers

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Houston Rockets Power Dancers we are glad you made it!

One of the most athletic and talented and rhythmic professional dance teams in the entire NBA is the Houston Rockets Power Dancers. Born out of a necessity to have great cheerleading during home Houston Rockets NBA professional basketball games, the Power Dancers have thrilled thousands upon thousands with beautiful and soulful renditions of modern cheerleading and dance moves.

In 2007 the most popular dance team in the Western Conference voted on by fans worldwide during the NBA’s Second Annual Dance Team Bracket Competition was none other than the Rockets Power Dancers!

List Format of Dancers

While it is nice to reminisce about the past it is always good to learn a little something about the present day Power Dancers so here it is in a list format so that you can really get to know the girls and cheer them on while they’re cheering on your beloved Houston Rockets!

2009/2010 Rockets Power Dancers

Julie Melanie Holly Shelly Dawn Shelley Carrie (Captain) Emily (Co-Captain) Vanessa Heidi Savannah Jennifer Courtney Ginger Natalie Leandro Stacy Ebony and Megan W.

Now that’s a lineup and one to most-definitely have on your side especially dressed in those wonderful and beautiful outfits! The Houston Rockets have plenty to cheer about and this is the reason why the Power Dancers exist first and foremost.

Although it is a team of 22 talented dancers with a captain as well as a co-captain, the spirit is definitely rock-solid in its base and this can be seen during each of their great dance cheerleading formats during and at halftime of all Houston Rocket home NBA basketball games.

Very Tough Spot to Land

Have you ever wondered how the NBA dance teams and cheerleading outfits select from a pool of literally thousands of athletic and beautiful as well as talented women to be finalists on the squads in the NBA? It is a very tough spot to land and if you give us a few minutes of your time we will explain to you how a team is created for cheering on and exciting the throngs of fans in the stands.


It all starts with preliminaries. Every season huge numbers of aspiring dancers and cheerleaders brave rainy and very humid and hot weather from July 1 to the final audition for the Houston Rockets Power Dancers with a chance to own a spot on the squad.

The first round sets up the entire feel and emotion of the competition that is said to be one of the stiffest in the entire League. The State of Texas has three NBA basketball teams and three professional dance teams.

There is only one Houston Rockets Power Dancers squad and that one is located deep in the Heart of Texas and Houston.

Very Tough Competition

After a very tough competition with only a handful of girls being asked to come back for the final audition it is then down to one 3 to 5 minute solitary performance that will either make or break the girls chance on landing a spot on the Houston Rockets Power Dancers squad.

The judges are normally an eclectic bunch taken from the staff of the Houston Rockets, the local media and special guest such as Kirk Cameron and former Rocket players. If you are interested in seeing beautiful pictures of the Power Dancers in action then please log on to Rockets Power Dancers and be ready to be amazed at the sight of these angelic hard-working and talented Rocket loving gals!


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