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Useful Basketball Tips

Basketball is a game of fast motion coupled with an equally fast mindset.

Until and unless you have the power of these two, you cannot score over your opponent. And to obtain perfection, you need constant practice.

To improve on these, we give you some useful basketball tips, which will surely help you while you would be on the court.

Now, these useful tips can be segregated into parts, the first of which actually constitute some useful tips and the second part gives ideas about avoiding mistakes. So here we go:

Useful basketball tips


• Try to gain an edge over your opponent by practicing how to handle the ball effectively. By this technique, you can not only score more and more but also steal the ball from them.

• There may come a point of time when you get covered up by your opponent and you are totally unable to shoot the ball at the basket. Remember to pass the ball immediately and effectively to your teammate and thereby subsequently scoring a goal.

There always remains a gap between a good passing and a passing. You should always bear in mind the passing lanes thoroughly and linearly, namely, the left and right side of the defender’s head, over the defender’s head and near the right and left side of the defender’s leg.

• These useful basketball tips always work when you are active. Keep the ball dancing within the perimeter by making the two handed overhead pass. An outlet pass, post pass or skip pass would also do. However, keep in mind that you need to do it slightly above your partner’s head.

• In absence of a defender, you can also do a chest pass. For this, you need to keep your arms high and relieve yourself of the extra effort of moving up to give the pass.

• Time may demand a situation where your need to give a pass single handedly and thereby doing a push pass. Starting from your ear and using the elbow strength, this pass cannot and should not be done repetitively because there is high probability that you can be interrupted. These are one of the most useful basketball tips, which can get you ahead of your opponent.

• Just doing exercise is not sufficient to help you get that extra momentum on the court. You need support to execute the tips. A good diet and subsequently a better health not only ensure confidence but also make you fit for a longer period of time.

And when it is a game requiring your physical endurance, a call for food that holds a lot of protein is made. These, in addition to fruits, vegetables, unsaturated fats and whole grains just give the perfect fitness.

• An important attribute is the aerobic fitness which will help you to get agile and quick. For these, you can undergo the beep test for the aerobic fitness, the sit and reach test for flexibility, the vertical jump test for strength and power and the sprint time test for speed.

These are some useful basketball tips. The most important tip however has not been mentioned. Basketball is a great game and if you like basketball, your priority should be to enjoy the game to the fullest. Being a capable player however, will definitely bring the level of enjoyment you will have from the game to another level. Combine having fun with improvement of your techniques and become a great asset to your team.


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