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Play Backyard Basketball

Many of us have a basketball in their backyard and so we like to play backyard basketball. I think that helped me a lot when it comes to loving the game.

My basketball “court”, if that’s how you can put it because it’s really not big:) is only good for shooting, dunking, doing some lay ups and maybe play one on one.

Perhaps you’ve seen it from the videos I got here.

Nonetheless, the point is I believe that if you use what you have you’ll be give more.

Even if you have some s**ty backyard basketball or you can’t find someone to play with, or you don’t have… whatever, that’s not an excuse not to play the game.



The true basketball legends were dirt poor but were so motivated to play that it was scary.

I’ve had some wonderful moments like doing 1000 consecutive dunks in 2 hours. Just when I started dunking a friend of mine came and said… “hey, there’s a movie that just started, let’s watch it”. I went.. “hell no, I’m dunking right now.”

So he went on to watch the movie at my place and I know it felt like an eternity, doing those 1000 dunks. Just counting them was a tedious job let alone doing them. After 2 hours (I guess), he said the movie is over:) I know my ears were sweaty, I was exhausted.


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