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Defensive Drills for Basketball

Some of the best defensive drills for basketball include dribbling and shooting and defending the basket and doing this very well.

You can be a scoring machine, but if you can’t defend on the other end, you’ll lose all respect as a player. Defense is the one skill than can truly set you apart as a great player.

There’s nothing like the feeling of shutting down a good offensive player! Defense is mostly intensity and heart, but you do need some great techniques before you can consider the player in you to be unleashed.

Become a Dominant Defender

The defense tips contained here are a good start, but to become a dominant defender, you need to practice long and hard and never let up as that is the time when the sneaky little point guard with the big mouth will fly right by to an unimpeded layup! Stop him from doing that and stop him from scoring the winning basket on you!


Proper Physical Condition

The First thing you need to do is check to see if you are in proper physical condition to take part in any form of exercise. A permanent injury resulting from not a great play on the court but by doing shuttle-cock exercises will not be cool, not at all. Do you wanna take your game to an All-Star level? Good, then follow us to the gym and let’s get to work on that attainable goal.

better shooting

Ball Man Line

Here are 4 defensive drills for basketball…

Basketball Defense Technique 1

When you are guarding a player without the ball in man to man defense, it is important to be aware of the “ball/man line”. The ball/man line is an imaginary line between your man, and the man with the ball.

You should be on the basket side of the ball man line and away from your man enough to help your teammates. This position helps form what is called the “defensive triangle.”

Basketball Defense Technique 2 Whenever the ball penetrates on a pass or a dribble, all players should cover down to the level of the ball and force it back out. When the ball is dribbled toward the baseline, the nearest help side defender must quickly stop the ball before it reaches the lane.

If the ball is passed to the post, we keep him from dribbling by quickly covering down. When we cover down to the baseline from on top. When the ball is passed back out, all players recover to their man. USE THE CLOSEST MAN TO THE BALL RULE ON RECOVERY.

Basketball Defense Technique 3

On Defense always be able to see your man and the ball (this is when your man doesn´t have the ball). When your man is ONE pass away, you can deny the player from getting the ball. You must be in a defensive triangle position with you, the ball and your man. Flatten out the triangle, with you at the center point of the triangle.

Try to get a hand in the passing lane (straight line between the ball and your man). Position your head so that you can see both with your peripheral vision. Then slide up and back with your man, keeping that triangle position.

Basketball Defense Technique 4

This is a defensive strategy that is used when a very good low post player gets the ball. When the ball is passed to the post, the perimeter (outside) player quickly will double team the post player. This will make it difficult for a good post player to make their offensive move and force them to pass the ball back out.



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