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Basketball Footwork Tips

In a game, where body and mind are synchronized to a single target- the basket, high voltage always envelops the surrounding air. It is at this point of time where tips matter. The most prolific of all is the dunking one.

Try increasing the vertical leap for which you would require the lifting power of the legs to move you up to the air and reach the basket. Wall sits, squats and plyometrics are the most recommended exercises for this.

You should have your hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteals and calves strong. They help in extending the hip, the knee and flexing of the ankles.


Maintain Perfect Balance

Always try to maintain a perfect balance. It is very crucial. Reducing the gap that feet and shoulder make, you derive the proper support base needed to maintain a strong stay against the defenders.

A good bend at the waist, the knees and the head positioned just above the midpoint of your feet gives the perfect balance needed to be able to stand strong while defending, and be able to pass a defender.

These basketball footwork tips are easier said than done and therefore absolutely essential to practice them on the court.


Develop Pivot Skills

Developing pivot skills is equally important as maintaining balance and forms one of the most important basketball footwork tips. This makes exploding into the offensive moves of the opponents and getting away from pressuring a defender in an easier way. You must stay on the pivot foot’s ball until you shoot or dribble.

The drop step is a very good move. Supposing you have the ball on the lower block and the opponent is on the higher side, you must immediately move the foot closest to the line of foul of your pivot foot and take a very forceful step positioning the opposite foot towards the basket.

This helps sealing the opponent. However, if your pivot foot is in motion and you are not dribbling, always shoot or pass because it is a violation and the ball automatically moves to the hands of your opponents.

Now, during squaring, try positioning the free foot always ahead of the pivot foot to gain the best position for attacking the opponent. This is one of the most essential basketball footwork tips, as once you declare the free foot, it is with this foot only that you can step or fake with.


Exercises to improve your footwork

Try practicing on jumping rope. Once you are confident of it, do it for 15 to 20 minutes at one go. It may sound easy but it places stress on the twitch muscle, which is the key to get past the opponent and explode at the rim.

Do lateral sprints

Lateral sprints are very essential, when it comes to basketball footwork tips, as it helps in developing a quick feet. Starting on the baseline and facing the sideline and side shuffling from left to right by positioning the left over the right foot is the ideal way of doing this.


Dot drills

Now, one of the most important practices to be done is the dot drills. They not only accelerate the quickness, but also bring out the best in you. To do this, use five marks on the ground from one to five and get it outlined by an X. Initially, jump from the first hand, meet in the middle, and then jump to the other.

Secondly, try jumping on one leg using the dot series and lastly, try repeating the first one with top twisting. This will make you fit for each and every aspect of the game.

Knowing the basketball footwork tips and some exercises to improve your footwork can bring your game to a next level.


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