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Free Basketball Poems

Best of Free Basketball Poems

We thought we would just let the power and the beauty of these poems by Thailor Parker and Patrick Michael Cassidy speak for themselves.

We will catch up to you later after you have had ample time to digest what these words have to say.



Author: Thailor Parker, USA

“Slam, Dunk, and Hook”

Basketball is a way of life.

Eat, sleep, breath, basketball.

Go out there, play your very hardest.

Play harder next time.

We are untouchable, immortal– high above the clouds.

As long as we give it our all nothing can go wrong.

Moving in ways we didn’t know we could, straining to reach the net just out of our grasp.

As we play we are in our own little world, invincible, untouchable.

Nothing can bring us down.

We command the court, everything is as we want it to be.

Yearning to make the basket, just to get ahead.

SWISH! Gotta play. Gotta win.

How was that? We thought so and now on to number two in the collection of great and free basketball poems.

Author: Patrick Michael Cassidy, USA



As I dribble down the court

I hear the whistle blow

The ref yells out two shots

And sends me for a free throw

I make my first shot it goes down with a swish

But for my second shot I could only wish

I really want to make it

Go ahead and save the game

But instead I air-balled and felt really lame

Coach called a time out and said I want the ball

Steal it on the throw in and we will win it all

The center throws the ball in and our player jumps in front

He throws his little hands up and the ball goes bump

It’s in the air now and it is right where I can see

So I jump as high as I can and it lands right on me

I dribble to the three point line, stopped and popped a shot

But next thing that I knew it bounced right out

The teams scrambled for a rebound we’re still trailing them by three

But out of nowhere our team grabs the ball and throws it back out to me

I try to take the three again and this time it’s a swish

I never could have done it without our team’s dish

My coach said I saved the game with my Hail Mary shot

He jumped up and down and celebrated quite a lot

We’re going to the championship

Hooray Yee hah Yippee

We never could have done it without Patrick Cassidy

Summarizing Your Experience


How did those poems make you feel overall? That is exactly the same way that we felt the first time these poems were read as well. You see the game of basketball is really a game in to which personal identities have been shaped and formed but in the end it is the reality that nothing has really changed that is so inviting and refreshing.

Basketball is an inspirational game to play and the sport itself continues to not only fascinate by the billions but also create lastly memories to all that bounce the rock.

Hard-nosed Die-hard Basketball Playing Hordes

In the end and in summation the goal of playing basketball and reading great free basketball poems is to have fun and win. The art of winning in the course of a basketball game is something that needs to be earned.

Nobody likes to lose especially the hard-nosed die-hard basketball playing hordes that crowd the court and hog the hole worldwide.

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ballin  starstarstarstar
when im on the court the fans keepn callin
its time to play no room for stallin
full speed to the hoop i go
blowin by my defender because he’s to slow

basketball  starstar
Basketball is round.
It spin like the Earth.
It spins around and around.
Kids play with the basketball
It’s a harm ball.
It bounce …

Clear Shot  Not rated yet
The basketball is orange,
The goal is black,
The ground is gray,
And the shot was clear.

Take The Opportunity  Not rated yet
It’s a dream and like dreams it doesn’t just come true
it takes practice to make it come true
not just thought and deciding how it turns out
actual …

basketball  Not rated yet
basketball is a great game


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