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NBA All Star Voting

The process of the NBA All Star voting is the way in which the National Basketball Association selects its All-Stars.

Each year the National Basketball Association other wise known as the NBA sets up a balloting institution much like the Electoral College is run by the political structure of the United States government. The first three-weeks of January are selected for paper as well as wireless through All-Star ballot voting.

2009 All-Star Game Sunday, February 15, 2010 t US Airways CenterThe 2009-2010 NBA All-Star ballots are an extravaganza of an event that includes voting for first and second-team All-Star NBA players as well as an NBA All-Star Game and other professional Baller events.

The 2009 All-Star game took place on Sunday, February 15 at US Airways Center, home of the Phoenix Suns. That game highlighted the best the NBA has to offer and was a classic seesaw battle back and forth with very little defense and loads of offense just what the fans of the NBA All-Star Game want to experience.

One from the Western and the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association

The NBA All Star voting involves a process of casting votes for the best players in the league. The All-Star NBA voting process selects and fills in the rosters including the coaching staff of two teams.

One from the Western and the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association as well as alternates just in case those first two string players are not available. It is a very big deal to be selected as an All-Star to represent both the team and the conference in which the franchise is located.

There are so many entertaining as well as complimentary awards given out at the All-Star Game it truly is one of the greatest shows on earth! It all starts with casting a ballot for the players that the owners and the sportswriters and the fans of the NBA feel are worthy of a vote.

All-Star for the National Basketball Association

Only the best players have a chance at being selected as this is not a random event not by a long shot. In order to be considered an All-Star for the National Basketball Association a player must have stellar performance and also a clean and respectful role model like attitude for the fans to look at as beneficial to the community. Past recipients of the NBA All-Star ballot organization include Magic Johnson and Larry Bird just to name two of the best All-Star players.

Culmination of these Ballots

The All-Star game is the culmination of all of these ballots added up and then compiled to see who made it and who missed this year. Once the computations are in and some time afforded each player and team to get it going, quite a show is in store for all of the NBA fans.

Along with a slam-dunk competition there is a three-point shooting competition and an All Rookie NBA All-Star game which is a joy to watch. With so much athleticism and energy the players really get a chance to showcase their talent on a larger more global stage.

US Airways Center Home to the Phoenix Suns of the Western Conference

The All-Star Game is normally played in one of the NBA’s Coliseum’s such as this year’s US Airways Center home to the Phoenix Suns of the Western Conference. The hosting of the NBA All-Star Game is a great event for the NBA and the franchise involved as well as the residents of that selected city.

Phoenix Arizona is a prime spot to host an NBA All-Star game. The weather and the people make Phoenix a legitimate choice for the All-Star Game each and every year yet this is not possible as the corporate charter mandates that the All-Star Game make the rounds visiting each NBA team.


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