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Boston Celtics Dancers

The Boston Celtics Dancers are red-hot just like the Boston Celtics!

Every team in the National Basketball Association has, in some form or another, a cheerleading squad to get the fans going in the home stands and to urge their beloved Ballers on the court and on to victory!

While there are some more popular cheer-squads than others, one of the most popular and fantastic dance troupes is the Celtics Dancers. The term cheerleader has now been replaced with dance squad member at least for the National Basketball Association franchises throughout North America.

Beautiful Women are Highly-Skilled Dancers

Does this mean that these beautiful women with their sexy dance moves and acrobatic leaps are not cheering for their favorite teams anymore? Of course not all this means is that the intelligent articulate and by the way beautiful women are highly-skilled dancers and prefer to be referred to as such.

Make no doubt about it these women are well-conditioned and fine-tuned athletes and if you are ever in the Boston, Massachusetts metropolitan area and there happens to be a Celtics game going on that night in the Garden then certainly make it a point to go watch the Celtics play and take a look at the Celtics Dancers at the same time.

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2010 NBA Dance Team Championship

The Celtic Dancers of 2010 are listed below and are in a fierce competition for the 2010 NBA Dance Team Championship that will have its finals in Miami later on this year.

The normal roster for the Celtics Dancers revolves around 12 to 15 beautiful women with some years having less and some years having more.

That rounds out the 2010 Boston Celtics Dance Squad and if you want to see the beautiful dancers perform just log on to and see exactly what a professional National Basketball Association dance group is all about! Go Celtics win win win!



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