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Youth Basketball Practice

Youth basketball practice is about having more effective practice. It’s one of the fasting growing segments of intramural sports in the nation and along with this has come the importance of basketball practice in order for the youths to gain the tools and necessary understanding of the game to allow them to excel in their chosen sport.

The most important part about youth basketball practice is to keep it fun, because a lot of these players, especially from the K-6 age bracket, are unable to keep their focus that long, so making practice a tedious experience hurts not only the player, but the team as a whole.

There are drills that will not only teach the game but motivate them to better their game. Below I have highlighted some simple drills that are fun for youth basketball players. The first one that teaches the basics of dribbling the basketball is redlight-greenlight. This drill starts with all players on the baseline with a ball and the drill will test their ability to start and stop their dribble.

How this occurs is the coach will yell green light, which will tell the player to start dribbling towards the other baseline, the coach will yell red light, and at which time the player will stop in their tracks while continuing their dribble while standing in place.

This drill is very good for youth basketball because it not only teaches the basics of dribbling, but keeps them focused on when to start and stop.

Another fun drill that teaches a basic component of the game is the speed lay-up drill. How this drill works is that one player will start at the top of the key either from the left or right side and the player will have one minute to make as many lay-ups as they can, usually with his team cheering him on.

The player will rotate sides as well, going right to left or left to right for every lay-up, allowing them to work on lay-ups from both sides of the hoop and motivating them to get the high score for his team.

Another favorite drill is youth basketball ball practice is hot hands. This drill will teach the basics of passing and finding the open man quickly this drill allows the player to take two dribbles or 3 seconds, whatever comes first before passing the ball to another teammate, the goal of this drill is to get every player involved, if the player takes more than two steps than he or she must run sprints, so the players are motivated to get rid of the ball in a timely fashion or be forced to run sprints.

better shooting

These are some of the more popular types of youth basketball practice drills, however there are many different ones that are fun and informative, there are some that created almost every day. The most important thing about youth basketball practice is to keep it fun for everyone.

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