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Greatest Basketball Movies

When it comes to selecting the greatest basketball movies of all time this is something that most basketball loving fanatics know a little something about.

While the list could be extra long or even just a few really good basketball movies we feel it is best to meet in the middle with a list of the top 10 greatest basketball movies. Names such as Hoosiers and White Men Can’t Jump and Coach Carter come to mind as some of the most beloved and popular basketball movies of all time.

Who can forget that great story about the Hoosiers that small high school basketball team with hearts as big as basketballs and talent not so much?

The coach was played by the magnificent Gene Hackman in one of his greatest roles ever and demonstrated the love of the game that not only a high school in rural Indiana had but the entire State of Indiana has for the love of basketball.

Top 10 Greatest Basketball Movies

• Coach Carter
• The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
• Blue Chip’s
• One-On-One
• Above the Rim
• White Men Can’t Jump
• Love and Basketball
• Hoosiers
• He Got Game
• Hoop Dreams
• Kings of the Hardwood

That’s it, the top 10 greatest basketball movies of all time as selected by an ex college basketball player who grew up sleeping with a basketball and playing 18 hours a day nonstop.

Again basketball is a fantastic sporting opportunity since it can be played with only a few, a ball and one player, you. The sport of basketball has always been popular ever since Dr. Naismith in Ohio and the peach basket story that was hung on gymnasium and eventually the very tired of climbing players decided that it be best to punch a hole through the bottom of the basket and lose that ladder.

Coach Carter was based on a true story out of Richmond California and high school basketball coach Ken Carter. Played actually by Sammy Jackson Coach Carter reinvented the Richmond High Oilers from an undisciplined non-winning team into a competitive high school basketball team.

He did this through forfeiting games until players greatly improved and putting padlocks on the gym as well. The quality of basketball play in in the movie was good yet the believability factor was hard to swallow when the Oilers were shown not missing a shot during a certain game and then only losing because the clock ran at a time.

It is the little things and cinematography that needs to be paid very close attention to and the only reason why Coach Carter was given a number one ranking was that the Fish that Saved Pittsburgh was a comedy about basketball.

Fish that Saved Pittsburgh

Speaking of greatest basketball movies and the Fish that Saved Pittsburgh this movie is one of the funniest sporting movies about a semi pro basketball team referred to as the Fish from Pittsburgh. The movie was full of great comedic acting and pretty good basketball playing as the actors did their own plays and shot selections. The believability factor was high on this one as if these warrant the same actors they were decent ballplayers at least.


The other movies, while certain parts are classic and others are forgettable, are highlighted by the Hoosiers. While this movie was strong on all points it lacked the staying power and the star power that Samuel Jackson was able to deliver with his performance as Coach Carter.

This is the date of immigrant Jean Hackman who did a splendid job as a coach of the Hoosiers yet it was Samuel Jackson’s portrayal of Coach Ken Carter that took over the nation and made high school basketball coaches in the sport of high school basketball more popular than ever.


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