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How To Set Goals

There is an art and a science to setting goals. I’ve been to a Brian Tracy seminar who happens to be the authority on goal setting.

You might be thinking why would I wanna know this. I just wanna play ball. That stuff doesn’t work for me. I don’t need it. The truth of the matter is, we all need it.

How would you go about increasing your vertical leap? How about your speed and agility? Building muscle maybe? Or losing fat? It’s all a painful process that you need strict commitment to it. Let’s say you are determined to increase your vertical leap. How go you go about doing it?

If you know the exercises and you’re working on a program, statistically there’s a high probability of you not following through.

You are more likely to give up because your are not seeing immediate results. You want instant gratification.



Here’s a few guidelines for goal setting, for improving any kind of skill or condition in the game of basketball…

1.) Have a goal

Most people don’t even bother to set a goal. Here’s an example that I keep mentioning….

I can compete against Michael Jordan in free throws, on his best day when he was in best shape and kick his ass. Provided of course, that I blind fold him and I turn him around couple of times so he has no clue which direction to shoot.

Now you might say…well Trajko, that sure is a silly example. How can anyone shoot at a target he doesn’t see? It’s a good question. Here’s one even better. How can you hit a target, you don’t have? We must set goals to better ourselves.

2.) Write your goals in present tense

There’s a power when you write your goals instead of just saying them. It’s a process with your mind and the fact that you are putting your desire on paper. It just works. And state them in the present tense.

Don’t write, I will lose 20 pounds. Say, I’m 20 pounds off/I’m slimmer for 20 pounds. I have more energy. I can jump higher. I can dunk better. Because the subconscious mind will notice that there is a gap between the reality and the desired outcome and will make sure that it closes that gap. Again, more power. This stuff may seem little new-age or woo woo to you but it is how it’s done by the most goal achievers in the world.

3.) Always have a deadline

You say, I’m going to work on my vertical every other day for the next 30 days. It’s going to be like a 30 day challenge that I will stick to it. If your goal doesn’t have a deadline it’s nothing more than a wish.

4.) Work in commitments

This is my favorite and something I regularly use. I call it actually, before-hand commitments. Here’s what I do. I write down something like…

From 12th till 21 of February, 100 push ups every day. Or if it’s about running and I go out and run every day. And no matter what, I never miss a day. Because if I do, how can I trust myself I’m not gonna fail myself the next commitment.


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