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Yao Ming Biography

Why this Yao Ming biography? Well, one of most dominant big men in the league today is from China and this means Yao Ming will definitely set the record straight on the importance and impact of overseas talent.

For close to a decade now Yao Ming has been slapping shots and slamming balls down with thunderous applause while playing in the National Basketball Association otherwise known as the NBA.

Before Yao Ming started to dominate the key and patrol the basket for the Houston Rockets he was better known as the Walking Great Wall in his homeland of China.

Although always a skyscraper of a man, Yao Ming was not seen as a dominant force in the international hoops community and was not even heralded until he came over across the Atlantic to wear red and white of the Rockets. It was then that heads started to turn and he started to get noticed as one of the best players the NBA has ever seen.

Yao Ming was born on September 12, 1980 in the huge metropolis that is Shanghai, China. Through China’s moratorium on the amount of children a family can have, this made sense that Yao was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Fang.

Both the parents stand well-over 6 feet tall and both had excellent overseas international basketball careers themselves. With a larger than life persona and body size to match young Yao was easily destined to become an NBA professional player yet his talent was the big surprise to all especially the early scouts of the NBA.

Ming was drafted by the Houston Rockets as the number one pick overall in 2002 and standing at a whopping 7’6” and weighing 225 pounds this pick had glory written all over it from the beginning.

There was no second-guessing Yao’ potential as an NBA player was yet what is astounding to this very day is the way he acclimated to the American fast-paced style of basketball. In the ranks of international gameplay and as a member of the Chinese National Team that battled the Dream Team in the Olympic Summer Games, Yao was ready to battle the greatest centers in the game.

From the get go Yao Ming showed that he was going to be trouble in the paint by sheer size alone and then adding the extra-added bonus feature of a big man with great hands Mr. Ming is a star in his own right.

better shooting

Ming’s progression in the NBA has been no-less than Earth-shattering and startling. After joining the Houston Rockets, at a time when the Rockets had won back-to-back championships in 1994-95 with a team that included the best one-two punch ever, the Twin Towers, Ming was set to break records and bring home a championship to Houston.

Although a NBA Championship has eluded the Houston Rockets with their great center Ming, the Rockets have always been competitive and have reached the playoffs every year with Yao except in his 2002 rookie season. There is no doubting Yao Ming’s impact on the National Basketball Association and his impact on the Houston Rockets as well.

better shooting

The Houston Rockets with Yao Ming at the helm reached the semi finals of the 2009 NBA basketball season but lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in seven games. The Lakers would go on to lose to the Boston Celtics in six games man that you Houston Rockets were the third best team in the NBA that our highest ranking since the Acrobat championships with the twin towers.

Undoubtedly the talent and the toughness of Yao Maine will serve the Houston Rockets well especially as they are favored to win their division in the 2000 and in BA season.

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