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San Antonio Spurs Roster

The 2010-2011 San Antonio Spurs roster is one of the greatest ever accumulated during any NBA season.

This roster reads like an NBA All-Star game with some of the best players in the league all landing on the same team! This strength of this accumulation of talent has paid off in great benefits for the City of San Antonio.

What else can one say about a team that has won three NBA World Championship Finals in the past decade? We are not talking about the 1940’s or 1950’s NBA franchises that had perennial dynasties as long as you had the two best players in the league on the same team back then you were considered a dynasty candidate.

Presently with the level of talent being all across the board and very competitive the NBA title of dynasty is leaning toward the Boston Celtics with the San Antonio Spur’s right on the heels of the Eastern Conference Celtics in that department.

Only the Los Angeles Lakers are poised to assume the spot that the same Lakers vacated with the breakup of Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant a few seasons ago.

The 2010 Spurs roster looks like an All-Star list with Duncan and Parker leading the way. Maybe this year the Spurs will go all the way as they did in 2005 after dispatching the Detroit Pistons in six games in The Finals.

The Spurs roster is as deep as it gets and is the only team in the NBA that has two players from the country of France. While international players in the NBA are not that uncommon it is uncommon to have two players from the same country playing on the same team.

Tim Duncan Retiring Soon

What does the future hold for the San Antonio Spurs roster is anybody’s guess. As Tim Duncan is not getting any younger although he does still have at least three or four more years left the future is always under suspicion in the NBA.

The San Antonio Spurs do have a wealth of young talent especially at guard with rookie Garrett Temple and rookie Alonzo Gee shoring up an all-star frontline of Parker and Curtis Jerells.

As every new year holds both suspense and excitement next year’s NBA draft will have just as much outstanding entertainment as last years and maybe the San Antonio Spurs will pick up a big man to fill the hole that Tim Duncan is about to leave in San Antonio.

The San Antonio Spurs roster is very strong this year and will go far in the NBA Playoffs as long as a healthy Tim Duncan stays in the game and Ginobili keeps sinking those long-range three-pointers.


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