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LA Lakers Roster

The LA Lakers roster always includes the best talent in the NBA or atleast a percentage of one or two pf the best players in the league.

The past decade has been no different with a plethora of players that can be considered the best in the NBA in Laker garb.

Currently there is Kobe Bryant who is seen as the best player in the National Basketball Association. That alone places the baller in the great company with the likes of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird and Magic Johnson just to name a few.

Current 2010 Lakers Roster

The current Lakers roster is listed below and it is very deep in both ball-handling talent and precise shooting.

That is a couple of the main reasons behind the standings currently held by the Lakers as the NBA rolls into yet another exciting playoff season.

The coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and a member of the Lakers roster include one of the greatest coaches of all time, Phil Jackson. Jackson has lead the Los Angeles Lakers to so many NBA World Championship it is hard to keep count these days yet after last season’s Finals victory the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers have a grand total of 14 titles under their belt. Can anyone say dynasty?

Lakers Spend Most Money

The Los Angeles Lakers spend the most money of any NBA franchise team in both player salaries and player acquisition and this pays off in big ways with NBA Championships.

Although not a 100% formula in concern with the amount of money spent in the recruiting world the Lakers have proven that through effective and timely draft considerations as well as loads of money and a fantastic coach, titles can be purchased.

Best Environments for NBA Franchise

The LA Lakers also have one of the best environments to have a professional basketball team in the world, The Staples Center and the City of Angels, LA, California.

The Lakers continually to improve upon what is already the best atmosphere in the league to have an NBA franchise. And to make matters worse for all of the Celtic fans out there the Los Angeles Lakers and the LA Lakers roster also has some of the biggest fans in the world including Jack Nicholson.


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