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NBA Season Ticket

The purchase of an NBA season ticket grants the buyer the right to see all of the games that the season-ticket holder has purchased.

Although with geographic and financial concerns the trips to the away games are out of the question for most season-ticket holders. The NBA season-ticket holder usually has been given an option to either upgrade their seat each and every game with the additional funding of an account or to keep the seats they are in and enjoy one of the best sports in the world, NBA basketball.

$700-$1000 per Season-Ticket

Most NBA season-ticket holders claim to have spent in upwards of $700-$1000 per season-ticket. Depending upon the market in which that NBA season ticket was purchased this is either a good deal or a fair deal.

If you happen to purchase an NBA season ticket and it was for the Los Angeles Lakers or the Boston Celtics or New York Knicks then you have received one of the greatest entertainment values for your dollar for dollar for dollar in the world today.

This is not a plug for the National Basketball Association this is just the fact that watching a live professional basketball game in the United States is very hard to match. The NFL as well as Major League Baseball try very hard to match up to both the excitement and athleticism that can be achieved through a season ticket purchase they just fall at little short.

NFL NASCAR Neck and Neck

The NFL is still one of the most popular watched spectator sports in the United States with NASCAR being a surprising front-runner in the world of professional sports entertainment. NASCAR auto racing is great entertainment and it is with the thrill of a crash where a human being and the driver can actually be hurt or worst yet killed that both mystifies and elicits a heightened energy level response from the NASCAR fanatical fan base.

Average Cost 1000 for Tickets

An average cost for a NBA season ticket holder in the markets that are not Boston or LA runs right under $1000. The National Basketball Association enjoys offering great deals to the NBA fan base and this is exactly what an NBA season ticket to go order has going for the fans.

The NBA franchises do not mind at all for the prepayment of every home game and if this visitor package was selected, all games included in the season are watchable live by many season-ticket holders each and every year.

City of Boston Highest Season Ticket Prices

One of the highest-priced season-ticket holder package options occurs in the City of Boston where the Celtics play each and every year. An average NBA fan would guess that the Los Angeles Lakers or even New York Knicks have the highest costs for NBA season-ticket holder options but that would not be the case as the Boston Celtics have produced traditionally a high-priced entertainment basketball product.

In order to find out what is the best price for a select season ticket pass for a certain NBA team, it is best to go to and do a little bit of searching.

The website for the National Basketball Association is and if you wanted to see how much a season-ticket cost for the Atlanta Hawks all you have to do is go to After a few clicks of the mouse and reading some really exciting Atlanta Hawks professional NBA basketball information you will then be transported to the site where you can see how much a season-ticket holder pays for the best seats in the house.


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