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University of Texas Longhorn Basketball

In the Capital of Texas, Austin, there is a basketball program unlike any other in the nation.

While this is not an assumption from a burnt-orange wearing Horn’ fan it is a fact and we will tell you why right here and now. Please have a look at the 2010 NBA Draft and notice the highlighted players and what school they happen to be from.

Avery Bradley University of Texas
Damien James University of Texas
Dexter Pittman University of Texas

The University of Texas Longhorn Basketball program has produced four Top 10 picks in the last seven years of the NBA Draft, tied for the top total in the nation with Connecticut during this stretch.

Florida and North Carolina are relatively close behind with each having three Top 10 picks during this time frame. The Longhorns do not recruit it is said that they reload and this goes for basketball as well as the sport that will forever be King in Texas, football.

All of World is Texas Recruiting Venue

All eyes are normally on The University of Texas Longhorn Basketball program each and every tip-off of a new hoops year since there is always at the very least one major impact player on campus for the Horns.

This upcoming season for the Longhorn basketball team is no different from the previous 10 or 12 years with the reloading having been completed months prior to the actual signing day.

As a matter of fact it is said that once the recruiters at the University of Texas want you on their team and at their fine institution of higher-learning, there is little that will stand in their way of that goal. The University of Texas is lead by the irrepressible head coach Rick Barnes.

Take a look at one of the most highly-recruited players out of the country of Canada.

This International Blue-Chipper will be calling Austin home for at the very least one year even in a one and done season.
Incoming Longhorn 2010-11 Season

• Cory Joseph (Pickering, Ontario, Canada)
• Prestigious ESPN Rise National High School Invitational (NHSI) Championship
• Joseph Claimed Tournament MVP Honors at the NSH
• Averaged 20.3 points per Game HS Career

Extremely Good at What they Do

The balance that the University of Texas Longhorn Basketball team demonstrates each and every season is simply mind-boggling. The program selects from not only the wide-open Texas landscape for the very best in backyard talent on the hardwood but they canvass the entire North American continent, or so it seems.

The best talent does not escape head coach Rick Barnes as he fully gets the point of recruitment, to reload the gun and be ready for whatever gunfight at the OK Corral may come his way.

University of Texas Recruiting Machine-Like

The amount of Texas Longhorn recruits that are turned away fields numerous Top Ten teams each and every year. It is said that the table-scrapes from the post-recruitment season that are Blue-Chippers top to bottom is what many savvy teams wait for.

It is kinda like the shrimp boats that pull into the back bayous of Texas, near Galveston and Corpus Christi, the fishermen dump their unused or unwanted baits and the pelicans and sea gulls are there en masse to eat their fill without expending much energy.

The sight of a University of Texas Longhorn Basketball recruiting visit must be a spectacle to witness. The pomp and circumstance that surrounds a visit to the home of the Blue-chipper that Coach Barnes will land is simply a throwback to the days of good-old-fashioned recruiting.


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