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NBA Dancers

Every NBA team has a beautiful bevy of NBA dancers that cheer on their ball-playing homeboys! One such National Basketball Association team is the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics Dancers were formed during the 2006-2007 Boston Celtics basketball season.

These beautiful women entertain the crowds and legions of Celtics fans and also are frequently seen at many local Boston social activities.

The Celtics Dancers understand that their role is much more than looking gorgeous on the hardwood and cheering on the fantastic Boston Celtics to victory each and every home game.

These girls really understand that they play a pivotal part in the public relations of the team through interaction with the neighborhood communities in schools and also other social events that advertise both the Boston Celtics and the National Basketball Association or NBA.

As mentioned earlier, dancers that cheer are assigned to every team of the NBA currently in 2010. This was not always the case and as the 1995-1996 NBA season demonstrated, there were only seven NBA teams that had a cheerleading squad on board.
These cheerleaders give their all to support their team and the tryouts are stuff of legends as recently portrayed on a national television series about the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

As men and NBA basketball fans we have long appreciated the sight of those smiling bounding cheerleaders or dancers as they are more-known of as these days, on the sidelines cheering on our favorite team. What’s better than watching a basketball game involving your favorite NBA team and during the breaks seeing 7 to 10 beautiful women jumping up and down? As a man and a basketball player this reviewer can tell you not much! A great way to see all of the NBA dancers is to log on to and look around.

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The tryouts for the Celtics Dancers happen each and every season and are some of the most competitive in the entire realm of dance recital tryouts for the NBA. One can imagine the notoriety and the prestige that can be attained by landing a spot on the NBA Celtics Dancer’s squad!

Many if not all of these dancers of the National Basketball Association receive not a single dime from the organization or the team. This makes the competitiveness of the tryouts even that more difficult to fathom yet there is the notoriety factor and this goes a very long way.

If you want to see any of the great NBA dancers in action all you have to do is visit the city that has a National Basketball Team. It does not matter if you live 200 miles away from Boston or the City of Miami, Florida, there is always a NBA basketball team playing near your city in the United States.

There is something about seeing a live NBA basketball game that will make you yearn for more! The NBA dancers only add fuel to the fire and if you are lucky enough to get a courtside seat then you will see exactly what we are referring about.


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