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NBA Players Tattoos

So what’s with all those NBA players tattoos? I mean really…With money and time many of the best tattoos in the world today are NBA player’s tattoos.

Known for vibrant color-schemes and tenacity, the tattoos that are worn by many of the NBA players of today range from the team mascot to gothic initials. Many of the greatest players in the game today sport tattoos and not just one or two.

Players such as LeBron James and Chauncey Billups have tattoos all over their arms and upper chest area. Ever since the art of tattooing has become almost a fashion statement the wealthy NBA players have flocked to their favorite tattoo artist salon and have become ‘inked- up’.

Some of the best tattoos can be seen on the most-beloved NBA stars of today. One such player is Oklahoma City’s center Robert Swift. This often tattooed star has been under the needle for an estimated 120 hours! With so much time on his hands from not starting, Robert Swift has plenty of time to get inked up and does so in a very explosive manner.

Some of Robert Swift’s tattoos include tribal artwork and even a very cool Nepalese character! Players such as Swift have taken to inking themselves up as much of the skin of an NBA basketball player is readily viewable.

Many NBA players tattoos include characters of cartoon-favorites such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Some of the most favored topics for tattoos include rock stars and rap-music sayings. With the rise of rap music and everything that’s associated with rap music, many NBA players have taken to decorating their bodies with money signs and cute-sayings. ‘MOB’ is a popular NBA player’s tattoos topic and is seen on many of today’s superstars.

What the actual acronym MOB means is up to subjection and personal preference. Another favorite NBA player’s tattoos subject is Superman. The caped-crusader appears on a minimum of 15 player’s arms and chest as well as a sole calf-art piece. Even Shaquille O’Neal, the NBA superstar from LSU, has the insignia of Superman blazoned on his arm. Knowing what Shaquille O’Neal has done in his NBA career this is to say that hardly anyone else deserves the Superman emblem as much as this out of this world fabulous center.

When the subject is NBA players tattoos the end of that subject has to include Jameer Nelson from the Orlando Magic. It seems that Jameer had a premonition and while hanging out in his dorm room in St. Joseph’s athletic dorm the thought came to include the songstress Shakura’s trademarked presently saying, “All Eyes on Me’ blazoned on his back.

This NBA ‘baller’ had that phrase on his back and was selected in the 20th round of the NBA Draft. All eyes were definitely on Jameer Nelson and now all eyes are on this nifty point guard as he cuts through defenders for the Magic or dishes off to a host of great teammates. The bottom line for NBA players tattoos is that it shows no sign of letting up!


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