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2009 NBA All-Star Game

The game was normal with the West dominate in the 2009 NBA All-Star game in speed and offense of mind in action.

The game was never in jeopardy and although this game is played with good manners and a bit of whimsical attitude there still is deep down desires to win.

Many players that are well-known names throughout the National Basketball Association played in the 2009 All-Star Basketball Game and these players included; Shaquille O’Neal, Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and many more all-star players flooded the court with exciting plays and acrobatic dunks.

In the end, the West dominated after the third quarter and in the fourth quarter and made their revenge palatable from last year’s loss in New Orleans to the East.

The goal of the 2009 NBA All-Star game was to show the fans appreciation for their unwavering support and undying gratification. Again this game started out with a battle underneath between two of the best players in the league today and maybe of all time LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

These titans of the hardwood went head-to-head for three straight quarters while trading baskets and high-fives part of the festival atmosphere that is the All-Star game. Make no doubt about it the players desire to win this All-Star game and this is a far cry from the rest of the All-Star game of major professional sports in North America.

The basketball league that is the NBA has always had a strong line on playing the game to win even the NBA All-Star game with all the stars and I’m cohesive talent mix together for one game.The game that was the 2009 NBA All-Star game concluded with fanfare and excitement as Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant were declared co-MVP’s and playfully tussled for that piece of hardware for the Western squad.

After a bit of joking around about who was going to take home the coveted trophy it was Kobe Bryant who finally attained to the trophy with a slight elbowing and from teammate for a day Shaquille O’Neal. It has been five years since the county does a play together and one can only dream about how many more rains from championship games that the two would have won as players are the same Los Angeles Lakers?

Both western MVP’s really showed their brilliance, as O’Neal and Kobe Bryant showed signs of what is used to be like and sent people remembering the days when these two wore purple and gold for the Lakers. Dominance is an understatement as O’ Neil was fed time and time again under the basket with sweet passes and that all he had to do was turn around and dunk the ball in the basket.

It was as easy as picking peas and Kobe Bryant could also deliver deadly 30 foot jump shots at a rate of 6/10. The game was a complete win for the Western All-Stars and this came on the heels of some very dramatic shakeups going on with the Phoenix Suns, Shaquille O’Neal’s current team.

The once widely-heralded and optimistic Phoenix Suns management division has now broken apart the team and has sent the coach elsewhere and players wondering where they’ll be playing next season?

In the end it does not really matter where O’Neal is playing as this player still has years left to pound the glass and score points and do what he does the very best, entertain the fans and himself.


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