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When Was the NBA Founded

The National Basketball Association aka the NBA by millions of individuals throughout the world was created in New York City on June 6, 1946.

What has transpired from those inaugural days is one of the most exciting sporting leagues the world has ever known. The sport of basketball is loved worldwide presently and international imports to the league are almost as common as North Carolina blue chip high school American recruits!

That may be stretching it a bit and moving the hands of time forward about a decade but it will happen as the quality of European as well as Asian and even as far as Australia players becomes on the same level as the best NBA players today from America.

The Commissioner of the NBA is said to be one of the best the NBA has ever seen. From arbitration rulings to the always tough contracts NBA Commissioner David Stern has led with not an iron hand but with a good heart and a very strong belief in the NBA.

Celtics Versus Lakers

Currently there are 30 teams that makeup the National Basketball Association league. All of the teams in the NBA are from the United States except one, the Toronto Raptors. This Canadian team is the first international franchise admitted into the NBA but most certainly will not be the last.
As of 2010 the current NBA Champion is the Los Angeles Lakers with the NBA Finals for this year are ready to roll!


A little known fact about the NBA is that it is an active member of USA Basketball which is recognized by the International Basketball Federation. The National Governing Body (NGB) for basketball in the United States is the NBA and only the NBA. The role of the National Basketball Association and the marketing model has been one of the most successful in the history of organized professional sports.

While there are other organized professional sports in the world that can lay claim to more fans and even a stronger economical base in which to pull from the marketing of the associated teams in the National Basketball Association has a certain fire to it that is undeniably American and full of spirit and team sportsmanship.

Fast Break

To say that the National Basketball Association is the cream of the crop when it comes to all organized sports especially in the United States of America would be a vast understatement. This may offend a few NFL and Maj. League baseball as well as NHL fans but it is a truth as the greatest athletes in the world are professional basketball players.

And as much as the greatest athletes in the world of professional basketball player is it only makes sense that the leading with these greatest athletes plate will be the best organized professional sports league in the world today.

Some of the greatest teams and some of the teams of the NBA to have the best winning percentages are the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Nicks and the Philadelphia 76ers. Coming on fast and in the most-recent past two decades are the Phoenix Suns, San Antonio Spurs and the Utah Jazz.

With such an eclectic and unique mix of talented individuals making up the sport of basketball in the United States today it is easy to see why the NBA will retain its number one ranking in both excitement and fan support.


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