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NBA Best Crossovers

The NBA best crossovers represent something amazing in the game of basketball. It’s the opportune moment to embarrass your defender while getting a free lane to the hoop.

NBA best crossovers range in difficultly and the ability to “break the other player’s ankle.”

Allen Iverson entered the league as a little shooting guard from Georgetown that nobody thought would make it in the NBA. Iverson was just too small to stay successful in the league.

So what did he do? He turned to a crossover that completely revolutionized the NBA best crossovers and created copycats that still use the Iverson crossover to this day.

Some critics argue that the current NBA crossover, and crossovers imitated in other levels of basketball is dangerously close to a “carry.” The “carry” in basketball results when the player places his or her palm under the basketball to support and carry the ball.

Some critics argue that crossovers like Iverson’s violate the “carry” rule but are ignored by refs who tend to ease up on fundamentals in the NBA.

The dilemma some cite is the growing imitation by middle school and high school players who want to copy their favorite NBA player’s moves.

So how do you feel about the crossover and the NBA’s best crossovers?

Here’s a list of some of my favorites…

Iverson over JordanI couldn’t start an NBA’s best crossover festival without a nod to Iverson, ESPECIALLY when it comes against one of the most feared and dominant players of all-time (I’m talking defense too) in Michael Jordan.

The crossover happened Iverson’s rookie season in Philadelphia and officially placed Iverson on the map. AI dribbled at the top of the three point line with a closely guarded Jordan. A few quick moves and a deadly crossover and Iverson officially went down as one of the few players ever to embarrass Michael Jordan.

Marbury over YaoIs it really fair to count a crossover against a 7’5 defender? According to most NBA fans it most certainly is. One of the more popular highlight reels on You Tube is Stephon Marbury’s (then a Sun) dribbling against Yao Ming at the top of the key. Yao was obviously out of his element as a couple quick dribbles, and then a crossover led to Yao backpedaling and tripping over himself.

Jordan over Bird

If I’m going to pick one that exposes Jordan it’s a golden rule that I return with one that Jordan ruled over another player, right? Well, Jordan’s sweet crossover and repeat between the legs on Larry Bird is quite simply, awesome! The move looks so smooth and Jordan dusts it off with a sweet jumper over the Hall of Famer.

Shaq over BradleyWe even have a seven footer on the list with Shaquille O’Neal’s hysterical crossover on lanky and always awkward, Shawn Bradley. Search the crossover on You Tube to see what I really mean.

Hardaway over KiddTim Hardaway always had a sweet crossover during his playing days and none the more sweeter then the one he pulled off on Jason Kidd during his young days in Dallas. The move freezes Jason Kidd in a standing up right position as Hardaway blows by for a sweet double pump, reverse lay-up.

Hardaway over MillerIt’s fair to say I do not like Reggie Miller as a basketball analyst, so it’s easier for me to pick a highlight in which he was embarrassed even though he was a great shooter. This time it comes via Penny Hardaway and not the aforementioned Tim Hardaway. The smooth fast break crossover on the Pacer great is fun to watch.


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