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New York Knicks Info

The New York Knickerbockers or famously known as the New York Knicks, is a professional basketball team in the NBA.

It is based in New York and part of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference.

Franchise History(Early Years)

The first game of the franchise was on November 1, 1946 and they were still in the BAA. It was against the Toronto Huskies which they won 68-66.

In the first decade of the NBA, the Knicks were consistent in playoff appearances and appeared in the NBA Finals in three straight seasons, from 1951 to 1953. They were the first team to sign an African-American player who is Nat Clifton in 1950.

In the years 1960 to 1966, the Knicks struggled and they always ranked last in the NBA Eastern Divison every year. In 1964, they selected Willis Reed in the NBA Draft and he became the Rookie of the Year. The next year, they were given an extra draft pick in the first round and acquired Bill Bradley and Dave Stallworth.

They hired coach Red Holzman as their head coach the next season and advanced to the playoffs with the help of young talented players Bill Bradley and Walt Frazier. They finished the season with 55-27 record as they advanced to the playoffs. They swept the Baltimore Bullets(currently Washington Wizards) in the first round. They lost against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Division Finals.

The next season, 1969-70, they had a record of 60-22. In the postseason, they won over the Bullets in the first round, the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Division Finals and advanced to the NBA Finals versus the Los Angeles Lakers. They acquired their first NBA title as they defeated the Lakers in 7 games.

They were successful in their next seasons as they reached the Eastern Conference Finals in 1971 and returned in the Finals in 1972 as they lost to the Lakers. The next year, they faced off again in the finals, this time, they defeated the Lakers as they got their second NBA championship. In 1973-74 season, they reached again the Eastern Conference Finals but lost to the Boston Celtics. Willis Reed retired after the season.

With his retirement, the Knicks would go 40-42 record in the next season. Despite of the losing record, they advanced in the Playoffs and lost to the Houston Rockets in the first round. In the next two seasons, they had losing records so coach Holzman was replaced by Willis Reed. In Reed’s first coaching year, he led the team to a 43-39 record and advanced to the playoffs and reached the Eastern Conference semifinals but got swept by the 76ers.

The next season, Holzman was rehired but still their record got worse with 31-51 standing. In the 1979-80 season, they improved to a 39-43 record. The next year, they improved again posting a 50-32 record.

In the playoffs, they got swept by the Chicago Bulls. In the following season, Holzman retired and the team set a 33-49 season record. It was Hubie Brown who replaced Holzman. With Brown as the head coach, the team finished 44-38 in the regular season and make it through the second round of the postseason and got swept by the 76ers.

The following season, they acquired Bernard King and they improved to a 47-35 record. They returned in the playoffs beating the Pistons in the first round and lost against the Celtics in the second.

The next season was again a struggle for the team, as they finished the season with 24-58 record.

New York Knicks – 2000 – Present Era

The Patrick Ewing Era


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