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History of Miami Heat

One of the most fascinating and red hot at the moment NBA teams is the Miami Heat.

What is also hot and interesting at the same time is the dynamic history of Miami Heat basketball. From humble beginnings in 1988 this Eastern Conference NBA representative has held its own on and off the court.

The Miami Heat basketball team even squeezed in a championship year in 2005-06 and it only took them less than two decades to capture that title!

Heat are Burning Up the Miami Area

The Miami Heat currently play in the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Black and deep red along with white and gold, make the uniforms of the Miami Heat looked superb when they take the court and represent the National Basketball Association.

Since the State of Florida now has not one but two really good National Basketball Association team franchises in Miami and Orlando it is now considered a hotbed of great NBA action.

Micky Arison – Miami Heat Owner

The ownership of the Miami Heat has remained unchanged since the inaugural 1988 season. The owner is Micky Arison and the Arison family corporation. While the general manager has been occupied by a few basketball legends the initial GM was none other than Hall of Famer Player and Coach Pat Riley.

It was Pat Riley who led his 2006 Miami Heat team to the NBA Finals Championship against the Dallas Mavericks winning the series four games to two.

Noble Achievements

Please have a look below at some of the noble achievements that the Miami Heat has attained during their relatively brief time in the National Basketball Association. The Heat did not come alone as three other franchises were granted membership in the exclusive club that is the NBA.

Along with the Miami Heat the Orlando Magic and the Minnesota Timberwolves as well as the Charlotte Hornets all received the wonderful news that they were now proud representatives of a pro basketball team! Welcome to the NBA!

Team Conference Titles 1 (2006)

Division titles 7 (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2007)

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The Miami Heat of today and the 2010 season are coached by the highly successful and competitive Eric Spoelstra. Pat Riley is no longer the head coach as he has transitioned from that roll on the court to become the general manager of the Miami Heat.

The importance of a general manager or GM of Pat Riley’s caliber is a great benefit along with Mickey Arison are at the reins of the Miami Heat the fortunes look very bright indeed for this tropical professional basketball team.

Along Came Zo

One of the initial founding team members and one of the greatest players ever to touch a basketball is Alonzo Mourning. Alonso or Zo as he was affectionately called by the Miami Heat fans was an NBA All-Star center for well-over a decade.

Once Alonso was given the right chemistry with the addition of Shaquille O’Neal and Dwayne Wade in the 2005-2006 Championship-season the Miami Heat looked as if they were going to become a dynasty!

Prominent and Notable Players

Some of the more prominent and notable players that have displayed the black and red of the Miami Heat are Dwayne Wade, Alonso Mourning, Ronnie Seikaly, Shaquille O’Neal, Glen Rice and Sherman Douglas.

With NBA All-Star names such as the ones listed right above seasons full of excitement and wins were seemingly in the bag.

Unfortunately this was not the case as the Miami Heat, although winning that single 2006 NBA Finals Championship, struggled with being a consistent and viable power in the Eastern Conference of the NBA. Maybe next year will be the Miami Heat’s year once again and a return to glory such as in 2006 will be forthcoming.


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