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NBA Payroll

Are you ready to be surprised by the amount of money the NBA payroll pays out every week? This is the reason why so many young basketball players flock to the hardwoods of neighborhood gymnasiums and concrete playgrounds to attain that one shot at ‘the dream’.

NBA players are paid a very handsome salary for their exploits on the basketball court and almost all of these players deserve such wealthy rewards. Since we are not here to rationalize the NBA player’s salary but only to speak a little but about how lofty they are, let’s have a look at some of the highest priced players in the NBA today.

What is important to remember about this list is that not necessarily are the most recognizable names are the highest paid players in the NBA today. Have a look for yourself and see exactly what we are referring to.
Highest-Paid NBA Players of 2010 Season

• Tracy McGrady Houston Rockets 23, 239, 561

• Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 23, 034, 375

• Jermaine O’Neal Miami Heat 22, 995, 000

• Tim Dunkin San Antonio Spurs 22, 183, 218

• Shaquille O’Neal Cleveland Cavaliers 20, 000, 000

What’s important to realize when discussing NBA payroll salaries is that stardom certainly brings about monetary consideration but is not the only factor in a player’s take-home pay.

A contract for any NBA player is a many-faceted entity and agreement which surprisingly has little to do with the player’s ability, at times, to play the game of basketball. In this day and age of agents and secret meetings behind closed doors and sometimes unbeknownst to the player, it is easy to see why there is some case for discontent in the NBA ranks today.

The NBA players who have a gripe with their NBA minimum salary all while playing a game in which many of us, if not all of us that love basketball, would play for free, sometimes have reason to feel slighted.
We as fans of the game of basketball, especially the National Basketball Association, sometimes cannot see the forest through the trees and think that all these spoiled NBA players are just crying about how little money they are making when we are bringing home 500 dollars a week!

What we must recall is that the principal environment of an NBA player and the many dollar signs that they see each and every week can become blinding to the point that it boils down to basic principles. This is why many players adore the NBA and thank them every game with a spectacular performance with a thunderous double dunk! These players of the NBA understand completely that they are extremely fortunate to be paid such a high salary for playing a game they love.

It is great to watch a game of NBA basketball and this is all made possible by the expansive NBA pay roll machine that keeps grinding out money and exciting alleyoops and docs. Is a trade-off of sorts were the fan base gets to see some of the best tongue and most exciting players in the game of basketball suit up and give their all for the love of the game.

Salaries of NBA Players

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