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Dallas Mavericks History

Have you heard about team Dallas Mavericks?? Of course you do, no one doesn’t right?

We often watch and cheer in every game they play but do we know how this team started? Now let us talk about plain Dallas Mavericks History.

Dallas Mavericks is a professional basketball team that is based in Dallas, Texas USA where there name was taken and Maverick came from the 1957-62 TV western Maverick. The name Maverick has the highest votes thru postcards among the choices which include Wranglers and Express. Dallas Mavericks are also called Mavs too. They are members of the Southwest Division of the National Basketball Association.

In 1979 Don Carter a businessman together with his partner Nom Sonju requested the right to bring an NBA franchise to Dallas, Texas. They are the first of the expansion teams (the modern expansion teams are teams started on 1980 onward.) The Dallas Mavericks history was marked first in NBA being its 23rd team in 1980 costing 12 million dollars.

The Mavericks won their first game ever in the NBA by beating the Spurs, but win only 5 out of their next 40 games and finish the season 15-67. Dick Motta became their first head coach and he was known for being a disciplinarian and a good teacher of the game.




James Garner, the one who played namesake character was a member of the ownership group. A controversy started when University of Texas at Arlington was known to use Mavericks nickname as well. They joined the Midwest Division of the Western Conference causing a divisional realignment with the Midwest and Central Division. Fortunately they were able to settle this conflict immediately.


NBA Drafts


This is where Dallas Mavericks history of popularity beginKiki Vandeweghe was drafted by the Mavs, he was its 11th pick of the 1980 NBA Draft but he refused to play for them and soon he was traded to Denver Nuggets in exchange with Rolando Blackmanin and Sam Perkins. Mavericks was a great team and was very competitive. The team was lead by Mark Aguirre, Brad Davis, Rolando Blackman, Derek Harper, Sam Perkins and Detlef Schrempf. The team won from 1983-90 in Midwest Division.


Dallas Mavericks History—Dark Ages


In 1990s dark ages of Mavs began. They haven’t reached the playoffs form year 1991 until year 2000. They even had a record of 11-71 in 1992-93. The defeats were blamed to many off-court and on-court distractions.

In particular the distraction which was most known was Roy Tarpley’s drug addiction which banned him from the NBA. Another was the injuries the players got. The only shining time they had in year 1990s was when the team lead by the 3 J’s (Jason Kidd, Jim Jackson and Jamal MAshburn) the trio was very popular which made them win the Co-Rookie of the Year togerher with Grant Hill in 1994-95 season.


The rise


In year 2000s Dallas Mavericks history in the NBA began again. The team was lead by the new trio Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Finley and Steve Nash. With the help of the owner Mark Cuban and a new head coach Don Nelson which lead the new team. They had a big come back in play offs in 2001 and had successfully returned in the Conference Finals in 2003.

But San Antonio Spurs is their great rival, they was beaten by them in the playoffs each time. The big 3 was disbanded in when Nash was returned to Phoenix Suns in 2004 and Finely was picked by the Spurs. Nowitzki became the team leader and with Avery Johnsons coaching the team they made their NBA Finals appearance in 2006. But in the finals the lost against team Miami Heat.In the 2006-2007 season, they won 67 games and earned the NBA’s best record. This shows that in Dallas Mavericks history you could see how they rise, fall and how they strive hard to rise again.

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