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Kids NBA Jerseys

Want your little boy or girl to support your favorite NBA team on their torso with kids NBA jersey? How about your older child? Does he enjoy a particular player or team?

Why not surprise him this Christmas or on his birthday with a special NBA jersey?

Kids NBA jerseys are very popular in today’s consumer market, and you can find them at any sports retailer worldwide.

To make your selection easier, here are the ten most popular player and team jerseys worldwide, which might help make your decision easier if your kid doesn’t have a favorite player or team, or has multiple favorite players and teams.

Top 10 Most Popular Player Jerseys

Kobe Bryant once again takes home the top honor in 2009. Bryant is a household name with the Lakers (also #1 in top ten teams) and one of the greatest players in the league. You cannot go wrong with buying Black Mamba.

Kevin Garnett finished second this year. The lanky big fella is an extremely popular player in the NBA. It also doesn’t hurt that he plays on the number two most selling NBA team jersey, the Boston Celtics.

Lebron James finished third this year although I expect that number to rise to #2 or #1 next season. King James is quickly becoming one of the most popular and dominant players in the league.

Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets may surprise you at #4, the young gun has easily turned into one of the most dominant players in the NBA and somebody who commands the point guard position like nobody else in the league.

Allen Iverson. The crafty veteran still has the blazing speed and hang time that has made him one of the greatest NBA scorers of all-time. Iverson is a household name in top NBA jerseys sold every year.

Pau Gasol and Paul Piece finish sixth and seventh respectively. Gasol is the first and only foreign born player on the list. Surprisingly the NBA’s tallest and most popular China born player, Yao Ming, did not make the cut. Both Gasol and Pierce are definitely helped out by playing on the two highest selling team jerseys in the league.

Dwayne Wade of the Heat, rookie guard Derrick Rose of the Bulls, and little big man (and recent dunk champion) Nate Robinson round out the top ten.

For team jerseys, the Lakers and Celtics are number one and two respectively. This definitely makes sense as the two teams play in large markets and competed against each other in the NBA Finals last year. The two teams also are filled with big name players.

The New York Knicks may still be a poor team, but you would never know it through jerseys sells. Coming in at #3, the Knicks still prove that their jerseys are highly sought after despite a big name player. Imagine what Lebron could do for Knicks jersey sells?

The Cavaliers (thanks to Lebron) come in forth place ahead of the Bulls and Suns. I mentioned earlier that I love the Bulls jerseys and the Jordan-effect (nearly a decade old now) still is in full swing. The Suns get help from a lot of big name players, including Nash and Stoudemire.

The Pistons, Hornets, Heat, and Spurs round out the final four. The Pistons and Spurs are recent NBA title winners and rock solid NBA franchises. The Hornets and Heat benefit from two young stars and pleasing jersey designs.


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