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Early Look into NBA Eastern Conference for 2010-2011 NBA Season

The much-anticipated season opener for the NBA 2010-2011 year heads down to Southbeach pitting two of the most followed teams of this very early season, the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.

After that game has concluded it is a fiery-season indeed with the Eastern Conference being fought over with the most intensity and hype.

Today we will give you a sneak peak into the teams that make up the highly-competitive and bruiser-mentality conference that is the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association. To be fair and to not show-off our love for the Boston Celtics we will go down the Eastern Conference list alphabetically and as fairly as our Green-hearts can be!


Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are led this year by youth, athleticism and energy. Inspired by the hustling play of Josh Smith and Al Horford, the Hawks will be hard to handle for any team that faces these young upstarts.


Charlotte Bobcats

With youth and high-scoring capabilities, the Charlotte Bobcats will be ready for battle during the 2010-2011 NBA season. Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace are tow of the leagues best scorers and feed much of the point-production for the Bobcats each and every game.


Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls led the NBA in rebounds last season. That starts with the great post-play of their truly superb center Joakim Noah, but it goes all the way down. With rebounding comes easy second and third chance points and this is why any team that can crash the boards and play great defense has a chance in this bang-em-up league of bruisers.


Cleveland Cavaliers

The storyline for the Cleveland Cavaliers is definitely no LeBron James. What this means for the hopes of the Cavs this year is that there is really no hope at all. Although that is hard to say the feeling and the talent that is left in Cleveland is woefully-lacking. Any team that can slow down the play and scoring of Antawn Jamison and outplay Mo Williams this win is a piece of cake. We can firmly say that this will be a rebuilding couple of years for the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Detroit Pistons

Recall the hey-days of the Detroit Pistons? Well you better recall them as this team is merely a shadow of their past glory. Only Tayshaun Prince is left to guard and the always dangerous Richard Williams.


Indiana Pacers

As long as the teams do not allow Danny Granger to beat them, and he can, then a winning season for the Pacers is a far-off dream scape. As goes Granger so goes the pacers this year and we all know what success a one-man team has had in the past even with perhaps the best player ever to wear a NBA basketball jersey, King James. Close but no cigar is a good way to describe the Indiana pacers this 2010-2011 season.


Miami Heat

Goodness sakes what else can we say about this newly-constructed Big three in Miami? We will do the smart thing and only comment on the matchup between the Heat and the Celtics. Well, let us wait till after the season opener ok?


Milwaukee Bucks

With Andrew Bogut and Brandon Jennings operating at full-health and full-potential, the Bucks will still only be kinda-good. The Milwaukee Bucks have always received decent preseason hype but as normal this team reminds us of the team that the Harlem Globetrotters beat to death every game.


New Jersey Nets

The hopes of the lowly New Jersey Nets depends largely on how they perform over last seasons dismal overall team-performance in the areas of; turning the ball over, missing shots, not getting offensive boards and playing, well, uninspired. The best player and the best hope for the Nets this year as last year is guard Devon Harris.


New York Knicks

As we already saw in this preseason, here’s one thing you don’t do: Let Kevin Garnett get ejected. The key to beating the Knickerbockers is to stop or slowdown Amare Stoudemire. That’s all we have to say about the Knicks at this point in time.


Orlando Magic

Playing Dwight Howard and the rest of the very-talented Orlando Magic is never a picnic. This man-child has grown all-up to be one of the most-dominating NBA players, ever in the history of the league. There just seems to be something missing from this team and although we cannot pinpoint exactly what it is we are leaning towards guard-play. Get a great shooting guard Orlando and you will be a very burdensome foe to say the least.


Philadelphia 76ers

Although the Philadelphia 76ers have some athletes they will not be enough to challenge either Boston or Miami for the Eastern Conference title. Not this year at least. Andre Iguodala is a fantastic international player, see a trend here folks, but the 76ers have little more to offer against the Beast from the East.


Toronto Raptors

Without Chris Bosh, the Toronto Raptors will become even less of a threat in the Eastern Conference this year than last. Oh the road to rebuilding is a long one and in the history of the NBA no team has come back from a monumental player loss the very next season and done better than a playoff win or two then see ya!

We like the international imports that are doing so well in the NBA, Andrea Bargnani and Leandro Barbosa, but they are the two lone bright spots in an otherwise woeful season this 2010-2011 season for the Raptors.


Washington Wizards

The Wizards will thrive this season with a three-guard lineup of John Wall, Gilbert Arenas and Kirk Hinrich leading a balanced scoring attack. The only other problem, and it is the one thing that will stop the Wizards most nights in the NBA, is their defense. No defense no Eastern title shot at all.



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