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Los Angeles Lakers History

Los Angeles Lakers is one of the most famous team in National Basketball Association (NBA) which is based on Los Angeles California.

Who would not be interested in this team? This team won a lot of games and they have some of the best players. Many are fond of watching basketball games especially if Lakers is playing. Whenever they play the court for sure is full of audiences as well as supporters cheering for the team.

Because of the rising popularity of the team, they became really big in the industry. Plenty idolize them for being so good at playing basketball. Their strategies where definitely excellent that why they last and reign as the most famous team in the world.

While people are being so overwhelmed about how great the team is, plenty still doesn’t know the origin of the team…Let me tell you about the Los Angeles Lakers history.

The Lakers’ franchise began on early 1940’s, 1947 to be exact. Ben Berger and Morris Chaflen of Minnesota decided to purchase the team Detroit Gems of the National Basketball League which was disbanded. They bought it for $15,000 from Maury Winston.

Where did the name Los Angeles Lakers taken? Because the one who franchised it came from Minnesota they have decided to take it from its nickname. “Land of 10,000 Lakes” is its known name so they decided to take the teams name from it, finally they came up with Lakers. The first head coach they had was John Kundla.

The team during its first year had done a good job already. With a solid roster forward Jim Pollard, playmaker Herm Schaefer and center George Mikan they nailed the game winning in 13 games with a 43-17 record. Based on the Los Angeles Lakers History as early as these they were able to prove their capabilities and worth.

The Lakers moved from NBL to Basketball Association of America (BAA) in 1948 and in 1949 they won 4 games against Washington Capitol winning only 2 games. In 1958 the team reached its top pick in NBA with Elgin Baylor as the rookie of the year.

As Los Angeles Lakers popularity continued, they had a popular rivalry against Celtics it started when the Celtics won 6 straight games against the Lakers who didn’t won any game in the championship. Loosing 6 games the Lakers swear to themselves that it won’t happen again and thus it was the beginning of Lakers-Celtics rivalry.

Do you think Los Angeles Lakers had a down time? Becoming an item as early as their first year as team, yes in Los Angeles Lakers history they did had a tough time. In 1989 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Cooper announced their retirement. They had played their final game and lost in five games against Chicago Bull. Two years after Magic Johnson retired due to being HIV positive and without Magic they were already eliminated after just 4 games in the first round. The team lost in the next 2 season.

In 1999 Lakers were able to brag their crown again with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’neal on their team. There tandem was great and they were able to get winning banners for the team.

But in 2004 offseason, O’neal was traded to the Miami Heat for Odom,Grant and Butler. Phil Jackson was not brought back as the coach of the team too and Karl Malone announced his retirement too. Almost only Kobe Bryant remained in the team. So the Lakers decided to rebuild the team, Phil Jackson became the coach again and hired Andrew Bynum as their center and this started the mark of making a new Los Angeles Lakers History.

In 2007 up to present Lakers continue to reign having Bryant, Gasol and Grizzlies in their team. They defeated Denver Nuggets in the championship game. In 2010 NBA finals the Lakers again met Celtics and the rivalry again began, Lakers won scoring 3-2 against Celtics.

Los Angeles Lakers History indeed is very interesting for it shows how they started from scratch, reigning as the best team, being on the bottom and struggled to reach the top again.

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