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Cleveland Cavaliers Roster

The Cleveland Cavaliers roster is highlighted with two of the best players the NBA has ever known.

These players are King James otherwise known as LeBron James and Shaq otherwise known as Shaquille O’Neil. These two prime time players were supposed to catapult the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA’s Championship Finals but that has not materialized and probably will not.

The reason for that is that the departure, which is imminent of LeBron James, will put the Cleveland Cavaliers back to their more-familiar form of being a good team but not a great team.

Beast of the East

The Boston Celtics are this year’s Beast of the East great team and our sitting in the NBA Finals awaiting the outcome of the winner of the Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns game six matter-of-fact that is going down tonight.

The Cleveland Cavaliers tried their best by spending millions of dollars in obtaining Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James along with a cast of other roster players that were excellent and are excellent additions to the Cleveland Cavaliers organization.

Cavaliers Still Have a Bristling and Spectacular Roster

The Cleveland Cavaliers still have a bristling and spectacular roster even after LeBron James leaves after the summer and as long as Shaq stays on for a couple years they do have a definite shot at winning their division.

Being a realist and many of the NBA prognosticators would state this as well, the Cleveland Cavaliers championship chances will leave with the departure of King James. Where will this most spectacular NBA star land during free agency is anyone’s guess. The main factor is that LeBron James will need to be in a larger metropolitan city.

These locations and the teams such as this include the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat or the New York Knicks and their respective locales are the top three choices for the services of LeBron James. Please have a look below at the current roster for 2010 and of the Cleveland Cavaliers and see that there is still a wealth of talent left on this team.

Cavaliers Roster – 2009-10 Rosters