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Top NBA Free Agents

So who are the top NBA free agents? When the weather turns warm and the sound of bouncing basketballs fills the gymnasiums throughout the country, it is time to play ‘Ring around the Rosie’ with the top NBA free-agents.

There are two major rankings of NBA free agents that the league uses to coordinate trades and other such player movements.

The most popular form of free agency is referred to as the unrestricted free agent. This agent is free to move about the league with no restrictions or salary-caps and locations. The second most popular form of free agent is the restricted free agent.

This player is required to end a contract to become an unrestricted free agent. Many free agents’ buy out their existing contract and surrender millions of dollars in order to move to a different team. This move is never really a problem since a new contract usually supersedes, in both location and financial strength, the previous contract.

A great way to learn about the top NBA free agents is to take a look at some of the ones that are playing this season. Each and every season the names change in the circle that is free agency in the NBA.

In 2009 the top NBA players who are eligible for free agency include Alan Iversen and Raymond Felton. Iversen recently has signed a free agency one-year contract with his inaugural rookie season team in which he made great moments in NBA history with, the Philadelphia 76ers.

The NBA world is abuzz with the return from retirement for one of the NBA’s greatest showman and point scorers. Only time will tell if Allen Iverson is really committed to playing the game of basketball in the manner in which we are all custom to.

The other hot prospect on the free agency roundtable is Raymond Felton. Felton is a great point guard who is easily good enough to start for plenty of teams and has many options available to him.

As of early 2010, Raymond Felton is still with the Charlotte Bobcats but is in communication with other teams that are showing great interest in his playing basketball abilities.
This is how it goes in NBA free agency with the names changing and players being passed around as frequently as each and every year. What the NBA teams are trying to accomplish when they bring in a free agent and let go of another player that is not holding his own, is that the chemistry is trying to be discovered. That winning combination of both talent and team spirit.

The top NBA free agents in 2010 will be the ones that have decided to move on either for financial or family or personal reasons or that the coach of the team does not feel that the player is contributing to the bottom line, the bottom line is of course winning in the NBA. Teams will spend millions of dollars in maybe players in order to find that one that will not only send them rocketing towards to top of their division but put cheeks in seats at the stadium as well.


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